Importance Of Military Discipline Essay

Discipline is the process of training oneself in obedience, self control, skill, etc. The controlled, ordered behavior results from such training. Discipline is the basis of the whole universe.

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The solar system is governed by certain laws to maintain perfect harmony and beauty. Without this order, there would be utter chaos. Discipline is a basic requirement of a civilized society. Citizens of a disciplined nation work with a spirit of cooperation and unity. Aristotle has rightly said, “Discipline is obedience to rules formed by the society for the good of all.

Discipline should be inculcated from a very young age. Talent and genius alone are not enough to achieve success. Discipline has an equally important role to play. Talents blossom in a disciplined person.

Liberty is highly cherished and mush valued privilege in our society. But absolute liberty is not possible. Discipline involves a restraint on liberty, which is necessary for the interest of society. Discipline has been found necessary for both individual and social welfare. Discipline and restraint were deemed essential in prehistoric time also and as society has become more and more complex, the urgency and importance of discipline has been felt all the more.

Discipline is not only desirable but indispensable. Wherever discipline and regulation of human conduct are absent, moral and material deterioration has set in. Absence of discipline means decay. To prevent decay, discipline has to be imposed in the common interest and for the common good.

The importance of discipline in educational institutions is well recognized. There should be a proper balance between discipline and the freedom of the students. The educational institutions should have a peaceful and calm atmosphere to enable the students to acquire knowledge. There is growing discontentment among the students. Because of this discontentment, we notice that discipline in our schools and colleges has considerably declined. Students are disrespectful to their teachers. They misbehave in the classrooms. They organize strikes and take the law into their hands. The government as well as the educational authorities should undertake necessary steps to improve the atmosphere in the educational institutions.

Discipline in schools may reduce the violence and vandalism and help the students to focus better on their studies and career. Discipline is important even in the family. Parents must raise their children in a pleasant and disciplined atmosphere. They should teach them the right values. They should themselves lead an orderly life so that their children can learn from their example. Children growing in disciplined and happy homes become responsible adults.

The strength of a nations lies in discipline. discipline helps the nation to make progress, fight external invasions and maintain unity. The Government makes laws to maintain law and order in the country. The laws are enforced to discipline the citizens and to maintain peace and harmony in the country. History has shown that dictators are firmly opposed to the grant of basic rights and liberties to the people. They want blind, unflinching obedience. That was Hitler’s technique in Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s technique in Italy. They thought that discipline was very necessary for nation to develop.

Discipline is the lifeline of the military departments. That armed forces follow a certain code of conduct. It demands loyalty to the country and to superior officers. It demands a spirit of fellowship and readiness to cope with an emergency. It is the duty of a solider to obey the orders of his commander. No army can put up a brave front against the enemy if it lacks discipline.

Discipline is very important in the social and political life of a nation. In many government offices, one can see that work is done in an irresponsible manner. Things will improve if the employees do their duty with dedication. This will happen if impose self-discipline.

People create chaos in public places by their undisciplined behavior. They show lack of order and manners while boarding buses and trains. Eve-teasing is another example of irresponsible behavior on the part of our youth. The rising crime graph in the country is due to the lack of discipline.

Members of political parties should follow a certain code of ethics. They should always act in a disciplined manner. In the past, leaders fought for freedom and now our leaders have the freedom to fight among themselves. The direct telecast of Parliamentary Session in doordarshan gives us the picture of the unruly behavior of our respected Parliamentarians inside the Parliament. The common man has started losing faith in political parties and the system. Steps should be taken to improve its image.

Without discipline there can be no scientific advances, no industrial or technological achievement, no settled system of law, no exploration and no development. Discipline is essential for personal growth and national prosperity. Absence of it can lead to failure, defeat and backwardness. Respect of parents, teachers and elders should be given importance. Honesty and integrity and doing a duty with devotion and dedication should be stressed. There should be a spirit of harmony, co-operation and mutual respect co-existent among fellow human beings. All should follow the rules and regulations laid by law. Discipline means full realization of the sense of responsibility. This will bring progress and prosperity in the society and the nation. A proper and reasonable balance has to be stuck between liberty and discipline. The restraints or discipline must course be designed for the social good and it is obvious that excessive restraints will inevitably lead to the erosion of human liberties.

Those who describe law as restraints on liberty and hostile to individual freedom apparently fail to understand the true concept of liberty and discipline. It is the State which acts thought laws that ensures justice and equality of opportunity to all. So it is true to say that discipline ensures justice and fair play.

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MILITARY BEARING, DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT The United States Army is structured on several values and principles that it upholds, among these are military bearing, discipline and respect. These principles represents what the organization strongly believes in and governs the most basic customs and courtesies that all its members should abide by, otherwise legal repercussion and punishment is enforced that could ultimately result in separation from the organization. According to Field Manual 6-22, “Military Bearing is defined as having or projecting a commanding presence and a professional image of authority”. One is to observe a sense of calmness even in the most stressful situations, leaders of the United States Army should maintain…show more content…

Ultimately, military bearing is a key essential in a soldier’s life, not only because this is what the army wants you to act but also because these is the way to tell other soldiers who you are and where you stand in the code and law of the United States Army. Military discipline is one of the biggest pride of the United States Army soldiers. It is a learned skill that civilians differ from soldiers. This ability, just like little kids in pre-school, is taught in basic training as civilians are transformed into soldiers. As a soldiers progresses through his military career, his military discipline is thought to be solidly carved and polished into his being, not only because he is a soldier but because this is who he is. Minute details on everything that he does, refining and the endless search for perfection on daily tasks and duties, obedience on following orders, taking initiative on self-improvement are some examples of military discipline. I remember countless times when I have been subjected to physical punishment because I have not done a task according to its minute details, and I have learned that through punishment, individuals learn to perfect and accomplish goals more easily. It teaches you and will surely make you not forget and what you are supposed to be doing and what should have been done if mistakes are present. Punishment goes hand in hand

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