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S1 Taylor S Ogedi Omenyinma THEO 104-D77 Biblical Worldview Essay Introduction A worldview is described how we perceive the world. However, a biblical worldview is based upon the framework or ideas and beliefs of the individual and how they interpret the world and interact with it. “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27, The New American Bible). While having the image of God we are to be truthful, honest, love and have compassion for one another. We should also obtain the wisdom that God provided us and never be fooled by others with deceiving ways. While I continue my journey throughout life as a Catholic, I hope with God’s prayer and blessings that I am able to graduate with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Business Management. In order to be successful within my vocation I plan to treat others how I want to be treated and always remain truthful and honest. Example #1 Business Management and Christianity are related by truthfulness, honesty, judgement, and consequences. After graduating I plan to have enough experience in the business field working in companies where I feel as if I will gain the most experience. By that time I plan to have enough money saved so I can open my own sneaker store. While owning a business, I am I will encounter situations where my employees will have a hard time maintaining my store or being polite with customers. In addition, I may encounter employees who will try to steal from me. If I encounter these situations they will deal with the consequences. Some of these consequences will be in the form of the employees being fired, or issued warnings. As a business S2 owner I will have to treat my employees in a fair and respectable manner. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31, The New American Bible). While reading this Bible verse I will remember that if you treat others with respect, give them love and honesty they will do the same for you. According to Towns, “While being a business owner I would also like to give back and give away shoes to the children within my community and raise awareness that even though we own businesses throughout America we are still able to give back and give other people the luxury of things we have that they do not. As a Christian, there are many ways to cherish God and be as the same image of God and do things in the right way as he would do. Example #2 Business Management and Christianity is similar because of honesty. Being honest and showing you are honest can go a long way with different people you encounter in life. Owning your own business requires you to be honest within your company, employees and customers. “He who walk uprightly is safe, but he whose ways are crooked falls into the pit” (Proverbs 28:18, The New American Bible). Being honest and truthful is very important when owning your own business. You do not want to steal money from your own company or steal customer’s information for your own benefit. Doing so lowers your standards and your character. Creating a friendly and loving environment within your business is a good way to let your customers and employees know that you are a welcoming person and you have good intentions. On the other hand, you cannot be fooled by others that will want to use your good intentions against you. God wants His flesh and blood to treat others how He would treat them. As a Christian, we should try our best to teach others good values and show them the correct way to conduct a business. Therefore, as Christians we should always improve our relationship with God to grow closer to him. S3 Conclusion Furthermore, I believe my degree of choice and Christianity are closely related. Being a Christian, we too have to follow God’s plan and listen to His word. According to Towns, “Christianity is an ongoing relationship with God” (59). We have to maintain a close relationship with God like we maintain a close relationship with our careers. God does not place things on us to make us stray away from Him. God gave us the Bible and His word to make sure we read it and understand the guidelines he set in place for us. In fact, “The Christian must form good habits that please God and lead to godliness” (Towns). Ultimately, it is up to ourselves to listen to the word of God and live by His word. Works Cited Towns, Elmer. Core Christianity [What is Christianity all about?]. Tennessee: S4 AMG Publishers, 2007. Print. The New American Bible. Ed. Stephen J. Hartdegen, Christian P. Ceroke, Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle, James Cardinal Hickey, Daniel E. Pilarcyzk. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1987. Print.


Worldview Essay Introduction For this paper I will explain my worldview, answer several questions based on my worldview, compare my worldview with the Christian worldview and reflect on the implications of my worldview. Worldview Assumptions Before I started this course, I had not given much thought to my worldview or beliefs, except that I do not believe in God or religion. During this course I examined my beliefs in-depth, and discovered that I believe humans have the right to make decisions for themselves which is Secular Humanism. Although, I do not believe in religion, I do believe in most of the Ten Commandments and I believe in ethical and moral behavior. Questions and Answers from my Worldview Perspective Who is God and what are His Characteristics? According to the Bible, God is the creator of the Universe and everything in it (Gen 1:1). God is all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient) and ever-present (omnipresent). I believe that God is a mythical character that was created to bring peace of mind to humans, so they do not feel all alone and do not fear death. Unless someone can actually prove there is a God, then I will continue to believe he does not exist. What is a Human Being and what Happens When One Dies?

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