Usyd Law School Returned Assignments For Kids

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All courses undertaken at UNSW Law School contain assessments. They are designed to help students know what they have learned (summative), as well as to give students feedback on what they need to improve (formative).

They are designed to assess student work in terms of both content and academic skills, and begin at a foundational level and become more complex.

An underlying feature of Law School assessment tasks is that students learn problem solving by addressing the problem from a number of different perspectives.

The kinds of assessments students undertake during a law degree include: written advice to clients on hypothetical problems, exams, policy-based essays, presentations, reflective writing, mooting, internships, case notes, and class participation.

The Law School puts great value on developing effective and innovative assessments which help to build students as resilient, effective and just learners able to adapt to the varying demands of both studying and practising law.

All Law students should read and abide by UNSW Law Assessment Procedure and Student Information.Refer to archive versions below if required.

Students can also refer to the following UNSW policies:

UNSW Law Assessment Policy and Student Information 2017

UNSW Law Assessment Policy and Student Information 2016

UNSW Law Assessment Policy and Student Information 2015

UNSW Law Assessment Policy and Student Information 2014

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