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SpeedyPaper.com is becoming more popular online, so I wanted to see if they’re as good as they say they are at essay writing. This review will investigate whether they’re a legit service, or they’re just another scam aimed at students.

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SpeedyPaper – Rating 6.8

Table of contents

  1. Limited range of services
  2. Quality of papers: plagiarism detected
  3. Prices: above average
  4. Missed deadlines
  5. Ignorant customer service
  6. Conclusion

Limited range of services

With SpeedyPaper, you can have all kind of writing services done. These include essays, dissertations, and presentations. However, I was disappointed to see that there were no other services available. Many other writing sites offer resume writing or proofreading. It seems as though this site just can’t compete.

Quality of papers: plagiarism detected

To find out how good the writers are, I made sure to sign up for an account and place an order for an essay. The essay I got back was well below the quality I was looking for. The piece clearly hadn’t been proofread, and there were so many mistakes that there was no way I could have handed this in as it was. What was worse was there were clearly plagiarized sections in the essay. This really is unforgivable.

Prices: above average

The average essay ordered with Speedypaper.com is a 2-page undergraduate essay, written within 9 days. With them, this will cost you $27.38. This seems pretty cheap, but remember that the quality of the writing was very poor for what I paid. There’s no discount or promotion code either, something many or sites have.

Missed deadlines

The website states that all essays are delivered by the deadline, and some even come before then. That sounded like a pretty good deal to me. However, I was dismayed to find that my essay came mere hours before the deadline was up. It’s not great for anxious students who have their own deadlines to meet. The lack of communication made it difficult to know what was going on with my order.

Ignorant customer service

The Speedy Paper website has several ways for you to contact them. You get in touch for free by using their live chat function, or you can call their dedicated phone number. I got in touch as I wanted a refund, after all, my essay was terrible. However, I found that once I had made the order, it was very difficult to get support. The fine print meant I really had to argue to get my money. I managed it in the end, but I wasn’t happy with the customer service I received.

SpeedyPaper.com reviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

There’s no way I can recommend Speedy Paper to students. The quality of the papers was incredibly poor, and there’s no way any student could use them. The way I was almost refused my money back borders on the illegal/legal too. Don’t log in/sign in with service, there’s a safe option on better websites.

Rating: 3.4

Speedy Paper is an academic writing service. They claim to be a United States based writing company, but they are headquartered in the Ukraine. This is our Speedy Paper review. Let us begin by describing the steps that we took to learn about this company and write this review. The first thing that we did was order an essay. This was to help us determine the quality of writing and customer service. We also did some research and read SpeedyPaper reviews that have been posted students who have used this service before us. We also compared prices between SpeedyPaper and other writing services. We also conducted online research to determine if Speedy Paper is legit. Finally, we examined the website for quality and useful content. Keep reading to learn more.

Services And Features Available

As mentioned earlier, we looked into the services offered when we began our speedypaper.com review. From what we could discern, the company sticks with academic writing services only. This includes essays, annotated bibiliographies, and research papers. They also offer college admissions essays and thesis and dissertation help. Other academic assistance is available as well including problem solving and coursework. Unfortunately, small business owners and job seekers will have to use a different writing service.

Pricing System And Discounts

SpeedyPaper prices are pretty average. We paid 55 dollars for a five page essay. Their overall pricing ranges from 9 dollars per page to 88 dollars per page. Pricing is structured according to grade level, deadline, and the specific type of writing that is requested. We were disappointed to see that there was no page dedicated to SpeedyPaper.com discounts, it would be nice to have Speedy Paper promo codes to use. When we read SpeedyPaper customers reviews we did not find any mention of discount or coupon programs. If they do offer a SpeedyPaper coupon code, they might consider making it easier to find.

Security Level And Payment Methods

We paid using our PayPal account. The only other option available was to pay by credit or debit card. We felt reasonably safe making our payment. We did not have any problems making our payment. However, we would have felt uncomfortable giving up our credit card information due to the overall poor quality of the website. We know this can be a bit of a red flag.

Writers’ Expertise And Delivery

To be honest, we didn’t have very high expectations. We read reviews and Speedy Paper Testimonials and seemed clear that quality was a serious issue. Unfortunately, when we received our paper, this proved to be true. The writing was very poor. It was clearly written by and individual who was not a native speaker. We asked for our paper to be written in MLA format. It was not. In fact, it was not written in any format that we recognized whatsoever. There was just a list of resources at the end. There were no publication dates, page numbers, or anything. The only items that were cited were books and magazines, in spite of the fact that much of the information was taken from a couple of websites. The only bright side was that the paper was delivered before the due date. Too bad it was essentially  unusable.

Additional Benefits

Other than some writing samples, there is no useful content for students here. There are no videos, blog posts, pictures or infographics. The company seemingly does not value the fact that it has opportunities to provide meaningful content to their audience, or even to make the website experience enjoyable.


It is probably obvious at this point that our SpeedyPaper.com rating is quite low. Please take a look at our other reviews so that you can a writing services that you can really trust.

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