Social Learning Theory Essay

Social Learning Theory Essay

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Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory describes the process through which people acquire new info, forms of behavior, or attitudes from others firsthand or vicariously. The likelihood of a behavior presenting itself will rely on the amount of reinforcement it receives and the value that the individual associates to it. While some behavior may be rewarded, others may produce unfavorable responses. An individual will learn from the consequences of these actions and when a similar situation arises, they will alter their behavior according to what was most successful in the past.
Through the Social Learning Theory, one can absorb new behaviors from others or one can form attitudes toward something that can in turn influence behavior. The…show more content…

Cases of domestic abuse are good examples of such learning. On a positive note, pro-social behavior is another result of indirect and direct social learning. Empathy and morals are major contributors to pro-social behavior that are usually learned by children from positive role models. The possession of empathy and strong morals cause an indirect result of social learning, while the observance of another individual’s pro-social behavior will help them learn directly.
Finally, but not limited to, gender linked-behaviors can be attributed to the Social Learning Theory. Children learn to behave in ways they are expected to behave as male or female by observing and imitating behaviors of people of their gender. After learning their gender-linked behaviors at home, children are enforced further by their peers and school administration.
As a whole, are behavior is one of the factors on which we are judged by and are appreciated for. Seeing as the Social Learning Theory has such a major role in shaping our behavior and has survived for so long, it can be classified as one of the most solid theories in the field of Psychology. Additionally, what makes one favor it over other theories is the fact that it emphasizes how the interplay of personal factors, environmental factors, and behavior conjunctly affects our behavior. Due to the fact that this theory is so influential to our lives, practical applications of it can be found anywhere. In a

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