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An internship program is one of the initial experiences that a student will have in the professional working industry. Though it is not considered as employment, an internship is very important as it can be one of the items that a student can put in his or her credentials when applying for a job after graduation.

The credentials of a student are usually found in a resume, but using a cover letter template can also help a lot in providing more information about the student’s qualifications. This post contains a list of internship cover letter templates that you may use as references in creating your own internship cover letter. More so, you may also want to download our samples of Cover Letter Salutations and other kinds of Cover Letter Examples.

Mechanical Engineering Summer Internship

Accounting Internship

Marketing Intern

Finance Internship

Sample Internship Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship

If you are planning to writing a effective cover letter for your internship application, it is essential for you to always be organized at all times. You may follow these steps in writing a cover letter for internship:

  • Select the industry where you would like to render your internship services. From there, identify companies that offer internship programs and assess whether you would like to try on that company or not.
  • Make sure that your educational qualifications and skills are related to the operations of the business where you want to be an intern.
  • In writing your cover letter, you can write the specific departments where you want to be stationed if possible.
  • Identify your academic achievements to impress the people who are tasked to review your cover letter.
  • Remember that you are not writing a cover letter that needs a professional cover letter template. Since you still do not have professional and actual work experiences, what you can do is work with what you have, which are the activities and programs wherein you have been involved outside the industry.

Law Internship

Human Resources Intern

Business Intern

College Internship

Medical Internship

3 Reasons an Internship Cover Letter Matters

With the competition among students to get internships that are valuable enough to help them find their first job afterward, it is very helpful to have an internship cover letter. A few reasons why an internship cover letter is important are as follows:

  • Internship cover letters can help you identify the items that are not written in your resume.
  • You can be more casual in your internship cover letter by using real-life experiences that are related to your qualifications within the academic field.
  • Internship cover letters serve as additional documents that can strengthen your professional profile as an intern candidate.

Why Use our Internship Cover Letter Templates?

Of all free cover letters found all over the Web, why should you consider using our internship cover letters? Here’s why:

  • The internship cover letter templates that available for download on this post can be used in different industries where internship programs are available.
  • Our internship cover letter templates contain professional formatting and usable content.
  • Our internship cover letter templates are easy to use and edit.

Other than our internship cover letter templates, you may also want to download our samples of General Cover Letter Templates for additional references.

When a person applies for an internship, the process is almost similar as when you are applying for an actual job. You would still need to submit the necessary documents for you to be considered for the position. Below are some of the most commonly used cover letter sample used by people who wish to apply for an internship.

Writing a Cover Letter requires a lot of thinking. You don’t just write a cover letter format for formality purposes, you have to write one to support all that you have written on your resume. While giving the employer a heads-up on your intention to work for them, you must also be able to sell yourself and convince them that you are not only a good candidate, but you are the best one for the position.

Advertising Internship

Finance Cover Letter

Graphic Design Cover Letter

Psychology Internship

Job Internship

How Do You Apply for an Internship?

  • Search for an internship on the internet that is related to your career.
  • You may also attend job fairs and ask around for those companies offering an internship.
  • School professors have a lot of idea regarding internships, and can provide you with a lot of help in looking for one.
  • Gather information about the requirements, specifications, and the responsibilities for the internship.
  • Prepare a cover letter template and a resume specifically tailored for the internship that you are planning to apply.
  • Submit your documents to the employer and be ready to be called back for an interview.

If you are looking to find out more about the Cover Letter Examples, go ahead and check out our collection ofProfessional Cover Letter Templates.

What Should be Included in Writing an Internship Cover Letter?

  • Depending on the job posting, you should write down only the relevant qualifications on your cover letter.
  • If you have had past working experiences that are relevant, include those along with the responsibilities and the contributions you made to your previous company.
  • Include your educational background but limit it to your college degree only.
  • Include what you plan to achieve and how you want to grow in the company.

For actual Job Cover Letter Samples, you may check out our collection of Job Cover Letter Templates.

Marketing Internship

Research Internship

Volunteer Cover Letter

Application Cover Letter

First Internship

What Are Ways to Ace Your Internship Cover Letter?

  • Don’t just settle for researching about the company, their history, and the people responsible for its growth. Find a representative in the company that you can talk to and obtain even more information from them.
  • There are times when you are unsure about the hiring manager, but it is best to extensively do your research and know their name so you can address them directly on your application cover letter.
  • When writing about your experiences, narrate briefly how you were able to make use of your skills to accomplish your objectives.
  • Do not undersell yourself by settling for less. But be careful not to oversell yourself as well to avoid being seen as unrealistic.
  • Inform the employer how you can contribute to the company if ever you are given the opportunity to work for them.

For those without experience, check out our collection of Entry Level Cover Letters and Word Cover Letters.

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