Andrew Tulloch Head Teacher Personal Statement

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Current staff of Stirling East Primary School

Mr Stephen Measday - Principal

Mr Chris Bennie - Assistant Principal - Digital Technologies

Mrs Stephanie Tulloch - Assistant Principal - Student Services

Mrs Anita Chave - Reception

Miss Alex Agars - Reception 

Mrs Jodie Pryce  - Reception

Ms Lisa Chapman -Year 1

Miss Alexandra Curnow - Year 1/2

Mrs Bev Rowe / Mrs Ros Whitehead - Year 1/2

Mrs Kate Madden - Year 1/2

Mrs Marianne Little/ Mrs Amelia Langton-Goldstone - Year 2

Mrs Amanda Wainwright - Year 3/4

Mrs Sue Zecchin Year 3/4

Mrs Sarah Finney - Year 3/4

Mrs Nicole Townsend -Year 3/4

Mr Richard Walker - Year 3/4

Mrs Pauline Semmens -Year 4/5

Mr Jonathan Webster - Year 5

Mrs Linda McClelland - Year 5

Miss Eleanor Williams - Year 6/7

Mr Andrew Cheney - Year 6/7

Ms Annette Davis - Year 6/7

Miss Kaii Zecchin - Year 6/7

Mrs Denise Stringer - Music

Ms Fiona Byfieldt - Teacher Librarian

Mrs Patsy Burley and Mrs Katherine Fielding - French

Mrs Suzanne Cheney - Special Needs

Mr Adam Curran - Health and Physical Education

Mrs Karen Boscence - Non Contact Teacher

Mr Peter Tolcher - IT Manager/Library Support 

Mrs Karen Anderson - Administration Manager

Mrs Michelle Tiver - Bursar

Mrs Gail Stewart - Office Administration

Mrs Amanda Stiles - Office Administration / OSHC

Mrs Jane Fairhead - Student Support

Mrs Nerida Axford - Student Support

Ms Kate Trengrove - Student Support

Mrs Carolyn Bennett - Student Support

Mrs Lyn Brooking - Student Support

Mrs Tracey Mezzino - Student Support

Ms Kate Franz - Student Support  - Media Studies


Mr Greg Anderson - Groundsperson

Miss Amie Tanner - OSHC Director

Miss Tammie Brammer - OSHC Assistant Director

Mrs Wendy Mitchard - Canteen Manager

Mrs Gloria Riddle - Volunteer Coordinator - Uniform Shop

Welcome to Ballina Coast High School 2018. This is our first official week as Ballina Coast High School and we want the community, staff, students, parents and carers to be proud of who we are and the work we do.


We are committed to growing together to create futures…futures for each of our young people, for our community and for the world in which we are all participants.

The year has started off well with increased enrolments, motivated staff, new timetables and exciting lessons.


In 2018 all students at Ballina Coast High School will have a Learning Coach. The Learning Coach will be the first point of contact for parents and students.

Students will meet with their Learning Coach every day in SHAPE time, developing strong and positive lifelong learning habits. The 7-10 program differs to the 11-12 program where the focus is on preparation for senior schooling.


Staff available to support your child include:


Principal:                                 Janeen Silcock

Principal:                                 Greg Armstrong Year 11/12

Deputy Principal:                     Aaron McDonald Year 9/10

Deputy Principal:                    Joshua Gollan Year 7/8

Instructional Leader:               Kristin Piccoli (Literacy and Numeracy)

Support Unit:                           Head Teacher: Jodi Crowther

PDHPE:                                   Head Teacher: Jesse Coates

Year 7                                      Head Teachers: Damian McClymont and Janet Andrews

                                                Year Adviser:  Mandy Pratt

                                                Learning and Support: Donna Hardinge

Year 8                                      Head Teacher: Zoe Tiernan

                                                Year Adviser: Sarah McDonald

                                                Learning and Support: Donna Hardinge

Year 9                                      Head Teachers: John Parker and Susan Tulloch

                                                Year Adviser: Marshall Chang

Year 10                                    Head Teachers: Cassie Middleton and Kirrily Myers

                                                Year Adviser: Robyn Sheehan

Year 11/12                               Year Adviser 11: Byron Christie

                                                Year Adviser 12: Pat Byrnes

School Counsellors:                Louise Waddell / Erin McGuire

Careers Advisor:                     Donna Ryan

Attendance:                             Donna Ryan

Girls Advisor:                           TBA

Boys Advisor:                           Damian Bisogni

Learning and Support 9-12:     Belinda Read

Aboriginal Education Officer:   Steve Scott


We have a number of events scheduled for 2018 and we are off to a wonderful start with the Drama Excursion to Sydney in Week 2 and the Swimming Carnival scheduled for Week 3.


In 2018 we will be establishing a Parent/Teacher Working Party and hope that all parents and carers will consider being part of this group. Our first meeting will be held at 6.00pm Tuesday 13 February in the Staff Common Room (Pizza Hut).


We continuously work to improve on what we do and any feedback you may have will be appreciated.


We look forward to sharing an exciting year with you at Ballina Coast High School.


Yours sincerely,

Janeen Silcock


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