Coursera R Programming Assignment 1 Part 3% Solution Of Hydrogen Peroxide

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Coursera Computing in Data Analysis Assignment 1 Part 3 Week 2

Write a function that takes a directory of data files and a threshold for complete cases and calculates the correlation between
sulfate and nitrate for monitor locations where the number of completely observed cases (on all variables) is greater than the
threshold. The function should return a vector of correlations for the monitors that meet the threshold requirement. If no
monitors meet the threshold requirement, then the function should return a numeric vector of length 0.

For this function you will need to use the 'cor' function in R which calculates the correlation between two vectors. Please read
the help page for this function via '?cor' and make sure that you know how to use it.

Please save your code to a file named corr.R. To run the test script for this part, make sure your working directory has the
file corr.R in it and the run:


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