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Reading cover letter samples is a great way to learn how to write a good one for your job search. That's why I invited readers to post their best cover letters — so that we all learn what works... and what doesn't.

Sharing Cover Letter Samples

I've written lots of articles on how to write a cover letter. In this article, instead of me doing all the talking, I suggested we put our heads together to come up with cover letter samples that help each other right here on the website.

I asked readers to post your letters (below in the comments section) and tell us why they thought their letters were good. If they had questions, they could ask. Then, someone in the group would give his or her two cents. The goal was to have a nice give-and-take.

As you see, it worked pretty well. The sample cover letters that folks submitted (below) are filled with ideas (some good, some not so good) and the comments, I hope, are useful in learning how to write a good letter.

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The Best of the Best Cover Letters

If you're short on time and can't read through them all, you can skip to this list of the best of the cover letters that were sent in. Some of them are really good, so don't miss them.

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1234 Dahia Court
Sumner, Washington 12345
(555) 867-5309
e-mail: WandaJ@hotjob.com

May 9, 2000

Kathy Shark
Goodbank & Gold Associates
e-mail: kathy@goodandgold.com

Dear Ms. Shark,

I am writing in response to the job opening you recently advertised in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. I believe that I have the skills and experience needed for the Office Assistant position. I would be excited to work for Goodbank and Gold, because the company has an excellent reputation and a strong commitment to it's customers.

I have strong organizational skills. My jobs have required that I identify and resolve difficult problems. I am very good at analyzing problems and understanding how they came to be. My recommendations for problem resolution have been very effective. If you contact any of my former supervisors, I encourage you to ask them about these skills.

I thrive in a fast-paced environment. Even under high pressure, I work well with others and maintain a friendly, calm demeanor. I understand the need for an office assistant to cope with stress and continue working when things get difficult.

I know that the office assistant is required to be proficient in many areas of computer technology. I have strong computer skills as outlined in my resume. I also have experience with office machines such as faxes and copiers.

I would love to meet with you to further discuss my skills and experience. Please contact me at the address above or by phone at (555) 867-5309. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wanda Jobs

encl: resume

Wanda Jobs
1234 Dahia Court
Sumner, Washington 12345
(555) 867-5309
E-mail : WandaJ@hotjob.com

Objective: To obtain a technical position in a high quality organization that will utilize my technical and customer service skills.


  • Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA, 1998 to present
    Prerequisite course work for University of Washington admission
  • Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, 1995-1998
    Communications course work

Skills and Qualifications:

Technical Skills
  • MS Office
  • DOS
  • UNIX
  • C/C++
  • HTML
  • Hardware

Customer Service Training

  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Listening
  • Argumentation: The Art of Inference
  • Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Customer Service Skills

  • Interact with customers in an efficient, friendly manner.
  • Work well with others, even under high pressure.
  • Analyze, identify, and resolve customer problems.
  • Maintain a calm demeanor and facilitate solutions for challenging customers.


  • Customer Care Representative, Airtouch Cellular, Bellevue, WA, 1998 to present
  • Telephone Operator, Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA, 1998-1999
  • Cafeteria Cashier, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, 1995-1998
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