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Whenever i think about Dubai and how different it is from rest of the world and how advance and a global city it is, it always makes me reach to the conclusion that all the facilities that the Dubai residents and Specially locals enjoy today, is all because of the people from the 19th century who worked hard and made Dubai and the UAE a global hub.

If you have a look at how hard life has been for the past generations of the UAE, you will agree with me that all the fame Dubai and UAE has got now they do deserve it!! There is a live example in-front of your eyes;
how people who could hardly get water to drink, built a very strong economic system and a very classic City. To express our gratitude to the people of UAE we will share some pictures about Dubai and how it has changed within 50 years.

The first picture i will share not only represents the change in infrastructure but also in the economy. This is the picture of Dubai Creek when trading pearls was the biggest source for the Dubai residents.

dhows at Dubai creek in 1960

Traditional Dhow for tourists these days

Above is a picture of dhows at Dubai Creek which were used to find pearls. The picture below is of a crew participating in a dhow race.

Unlike today instead of Ferrari`s and other luxury cars there were many Dhows and camels which were used for transportation. This small fishing town was taken over by the Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa Oasis in 1830.  However the tax exemption was nothing new here, the first time the Emirate was exempted from tax was in 1892 and it was heaving with expats who made tons of money. However the recession did hit Dubai in 1930 and it hit the Pearl industry like in 2008 the Real Estate industry was hit.

clock tower Deira

The Deira Clock Tower was built in 1964 at that time it was a remote area with nearly nothing around it , right now it is surrounded by many hotels and is located in one of the areas known for massive traffic as it provides access to Al Maktoum Bridge. It was designed by an engineer named Edgar Bublik. It was built in 1964, however  it was refurbished in 1972 because of the cracks.

deira clock tower now

In 1959 Sheik Rashid borrowed money from Amir of Kuwait to renovate Dubai creek as sand banks created hazards for dhows and very few dhows were navigating to the port, also to make it able to accommodate bigger ships. In coming years Dubai ports played a very important role as Oil was discovered in the Gulf in late 60s. Dubai itself discovered oil in 1966 in Fateh field and in 1969 Dubai started to export oil.

In 1980 the Dubai oil economy took another hit and Dubai`s Rulers started looking for other possible sources of income and they started focusing on tourism. They established in March 1985 with backing from Pakistan Air Lines who provided them the first air crafts on lease. Their Airline was headed by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum who is still the Chairman of the airline company.

Al Naif souq

This is the picture of Al Naif souq which was engulfed by fire in the year 2008. Unlike now this picture shows how simple life was in 60s and 70s. Now this souq is full of many gold shops and you can find many gold shops loaded with tons of gold and many happy shoppers coming in luxury cars to buy gold.

dubai gold souq

Now a few pictures of Dubai Life in 2014

Suite in Burj al arab Hotel

DUBAI MALL Biggest Shopping mall in the world

Mall of the Emirates is the first Shopping mall in whole middle east with indoor ski resort

A luxury Villa Home in Dubai

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Source: Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

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Education: Past, Present, and Future

Education, without it we would all be mindless wonders wandering around the
globe. Education is an important factor in our lives, but the past, present, and
future of education is changing. And change it will until our education system
is the best in the world.

In the past, Education in America was plain and simple. We've all heard
the stories of how our ancestors used to have to walk to school 5 miles in the
snow in the heat of summer. These shameless exagerations were meant for us to
think that school back in the "good ole days" was very dificult and surpassed
the level of difficulty students today have. In reality, school, although most
early schools were combonation classes with a variety of age groups as students.
Almost each individual was given an equal amount of personal help from the
teacher. Also, life wasn't as complecated as they are now. One teacher would
teach the whole class a limeted variety of subjects such as arithmatic and
english. Education was just eaiser when it first became popular.

Nowadays, in the present, school not only is a place to learn, it's a
place to stress out. As I walk through the halls all students seem to have that
academic nervousness. If you listen to the conversations that go on in the hall
it's always, "Ohh my gosh, Becky! I'm going to have a fat cow! I think I'm
getting a B in my chemistry class, and that is going to ruin my record."
Pressure is constantly put upon students to get "straight A's" It is very rare
when a student will not shoot for an A on a quiz. It's human nature to succeed,
but with the pressure put on us by the teachers, parents, peers, and colleges,
it's a heavy load to handle.

Now, scientists recently did an expiriment. They placed a child in a
room with some brand new toys. They left him there for a couple of hours and he
did not play with them. The scientists puzzeled took the boy aside and asked him
why he did not play with the toys. The boy replied that he did not want to break
them. So, scientists then took another child and placed him in a room filled
with horse manure. The boy was having fun swimming around in it, having a blast
with the horse manure. When the scientists asked the boy why he played with the
horse manure, the boy replied, "Well, with all of this horse manure, there has
to be a pony somwhere." This story best relates to our education system. Now
while students may think that school is a waste of time, it has been proven that
it is really the key to lead us to the pony at the end of the rainbow. While we
may not like school, it will always benifit us in the long run.

The furture of education is changing ever so rapidly. New classes are
starting to emerge from the midst of old traditional classes that many new
students have failed. It may be hard for some of us to face, but some students
just can not learn the same why as our parents did. Today, students need more
hands on projects. They need things they can relate to the real world. Other
then just learning concepts, we should be able to learn how, when, and why we
should apply those concepts into everyday things. Now, i'm not saying we stray
away from traditional methods in the future. I am saying that what we all need
to do as a group is find a way to import those traditional methods in to
futuristic teaching, and use the traditional way of educating as a building base
for new methods in education. It can relate to a table, the new methods of
educating being the legs and the traditional way, the table top. You need both
the legs and the table top before you can have a complete table. If you take one
piece away you are left with a worthless pile of wood, but when you combine all
of the pieces together, the table begins to have some use and worth to it.

Education is something that has the biggest value of anything in the
world. It is an ideal that without it, we would never be able to live the way we
do today. It has come from a small, simple school, to a key to the future in
only the span of years.


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