Exam Timetable 2015 Ignou Assignment

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IGNOU Registration Cards collection Notice
Notice Regarding 1st Year (2017) IGNOU Roll Numbers

Attention IGNOU Students

1. The date of TS-01 exam has been shifted from 02.12.2017 to 23.12.2017 due to festival of “Milad-un-Nabi or Eid-ul-Milad”.

2. The hall ticket is available for download at following link:-


IGNOU TEE Exams Final Datesheet Dec 2017

IGNOU Assignment Submission Notice(19-Sep-2017)
IGNOU Assignment Booklet (2017)

IGNOU Registration form filling Notice for 1st Year Students

IGNOU TEE Dec 2017 Notice (Aug-2017)
Download IGNOU TEE Examination Form

Counseling schedule of IGNOU classes and assignments submission for session 2017-18

IGNOU Re-Registration Form Notice- June 2017
IGNOU TEE Exams Tentative Datesheet June 2017
IGNOU TEE June-2017 Forms filling Notice
IGNOU Notice Regarding -Gyandhara-(06 Oct 2016)
Notice Regarding- Extension of completion of 3-year B.Sc. in H&HA.– (22 Sep 2016)
IGNOU Registration form Notice– (24 Aug 2016)
IGNOU TEE Forms Dec 2016 Notice- (12 Aug 2016)

IGNOU Registration Notice July-2016
IGNOU TEE Notice June 2016

IGNOU Registration Form Notice–03 May 2016
IGNOU Re-registration Form (2016-2017)

IGNOU Assignment Submission Notice (23-Sep-2016)
IGNOU Assignment Booklet (Sep-2016-2017)


Download TS Cover Page

Download Name and Address Correction Form- IGNOU 


 IGNOU Faculty for Counseling Classes

Assignment Codes for different Semesters

  1. 2nd Semester:- TS-01
  2. 6th Semester:-TS-06
  3. 4th Semester:- (TS-03 ,TS-7 ,BEGE 3 )


All the students who are appearing in IGNOU TEE June 2015 examination being conducted from 1st June 2015 onwards are required to bring with them their VALID IGNOU IDENTITY CARDs and Hall Tickets.  They are further informed that Hall Tickets can be downloaded from www.ignou.ac.in.

Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Examination Hall.



List of Roll Numbers (IGNOU) 1st Year 2016-2017

List of Roll Numbers (IGNOU) 1st Year 2014-2015
List of Roll Numbers (IGNOU) 1st Year 2013-2014
List of Roll Numbers (NCHM/IGNOU) 1st Year 2012-2013
List of Students with IGNOU Roll Numbers 2011-2012


Mr. Abhishek Rajan
IGNOU Coordinator


*IGNOU BCA Datesheet*

*_1st Sem_*

1-12-2017 Fri *BCS 12* (Evening)

4-12-2017 Mon *BCS 11* (Morning)

16-12-2017 Sat *ECO 1* (Morning)

11.12.2017 MON FEG- 02 (Evening)

*_2nd Sem_*

4-12-2017 Mon *ECO 2* (Evening)

6-12-2017 Wed *MCS 11* (Evening)

8-12-2017 Fri *MCS 12* (Morning)

11-12-2017 Mon *MCS 15* (Morning)

18-12-2017 Mon *MCS 13* (Evening)

*_3rd Sem_*

5-12-2017 Tues *MCS 23* (Morning)

7-12-2017 Thurs *BCS 31* (Morning)

7-12-2017 Thurs *MCS 21* (Evening)

12-12-2017 Tues *MCS 14* (Evening)

*_4th Sem_*

23-12-2017 Sat *BCS 41* (Evening)

13-12-2017 Wed *BCS 40* (Evening)

22-12-2017 Thurs *BCS 42* (Evening)

18-12-2017 Mon *MCS 24* (Morning)

*_5th Sem_*

21-12-2017 Sat *BCS 53* (Morning)

21-12-2017 Sat *BCS 54* (Evening)

16-12-2017 Sat *BCS 51* (Evening)

19-12-2017 Tues *BCS 52* (Evening) 

20-12-2017 Wed *BCS 55* (Morning) 

*_6th Sem_*

13-12-2017 Wed *MCS 22* (Morning)

19-12-2017 Tues *BCS 62* (Morning)

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