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Essay on The Harmuful Effects of Plastic Surgery

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Everyone is born an individual with their own pros and cons, if it’s what’s on the inside that counts, nobody should feel inclined to drastically and permanently change their appearance. Since society has placed significant pressure on the physical attributes of adolescents and adults, cosmetic treatments are being performed and considered at an all-time high with patients complying with the potential harmful and fatal consequences. In a 2013 study, 1,668,420 Americans underwent cosmetic surgery in order to alter their body to fit the body image they view as the norm in society. More and more Americans are now submitting to undergo cosmetic procedures without understanding the possible fatal risks. As medical advancements and improved…show more content…

This confidence is only temporary and doesn’t deliver the same self-esteem boosting effects obtained by excelling in sports, school, or a hobby. Publicizing cosmetic surgery as a confidence-booster increases profits for companies, but it also gives people unrealistic expectations. Once people undergo the procedure, they believe their life will be drastically different. After undergoing plastic surgery, many people finally feel accepted in society. By transforming into an ideal human, they believe they earn the approval of others and receive positive attention in a community. What they don’t know is, plastic surgery can provide the opposite effect. Plastic surgery may appear to increase confidence; it’s often an illusion even to the patients themselves, who might confuse real self-esteem with the joy of feeling as though others approve of their appearance. Shortly after the procedure, patients comprehend this reality and usually return back to their depressed or low self-esteem state. Altering one’s body can carry with it an undesirable outcome. Changing or altering one section of your body or specific body part can cause another body part to negatively alter itself. For example, if someone undergoes a liposuction procedure in

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Plastic surgery has become very popular in the Globalized world what with millions of people willing to go under the knife to enhance their facial contours.  In spite of being popular, the surgery entails many risks which people should know in advance before treading the beaten path. Therefore plastic surgery has both advantages and disadvantages that we shall analyze in following paragraphs:

Positive effect of plastic surgery:

Impeccable body: By undergoing plastic surgery, people can rectify some of the natural deformities in the body. For instance, women can go for breast augmentation to look attractive. Nose and lip surgery can enhance the facial of the person. Initially, plastic surgery was exclusively the domain of the super rich and celebrities however the craze has caught up with the common people.

Enhancement of physical health: Rhinoplasty not only enhances the physical appearance but also facilitates breathing especially if the nasal passage is blocked. Breast reduction surgery plays a very important role in eliminating the neck and the back pain.

Self-confidence: Physical appearance can lower the self-confidence of an individual especially the ones suffering from minor deformities. Once the surgery is completed, it can boost the confidence of the person as he or she can easily face the challenges of life. A pleasant face is bound to win lots of friends in the social circle.

Improvement in the mental health of the person: The new look eliminates the anxiety as the person feels more at ease while interacting with other people. People can have greater control over their lives with plenty of opportunities available in the professional and personal fields. Small issues such as the crooked nose or a scar on the face can do lots of damages to the confidence of the person.

Weight loss: Weight loss can be accomplished by body contouring which is an important part of the plastic surgery. Liposuction or tummy tuck has benefited a large number of people around the world who are fighting the scourge of obesity. The positive outcome of the result ensures the individual to maintain a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle by doing adequate exercises.

Negative effects of plastic surgery:

Complications: If the plastic surgery is complex, it can create lots of complications for the patients especially when the surgeon is not experienced. Infections can also occur at the incision location on the body. Patients might suffer from excess bleeding when the wound is not healed. There are instances when the blood transfusions were also required.

Reality vs. expectations: Sometimes patients are expecting a different result however the final output fails to meet the expectations. People thinking that surgery would make them look like celebrities are living in fool’s paradise. At best, the endeavor can help to remove the abnormality in the body. It is important to consult the doctor about the results before wandering to the path of cosmetic surgery.

Price: Plastic surgery is not risk covered; therefore individuals have to pay a lot of money to get the job done. In addition, patients may also suffer from financial loss as they may take a long time to recover.


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