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New Arrivals

January 2018

January 2018 New Items at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch

Main Library  
155.937 MerrimanMerriman, Stephen Rich.When you lose what you can't live without :;identity death and renewal in the wake of calamity
332.024 SenesSenes, Renee W.Money and Divorce: ; Costly Mistakes you Dont Want to Make
332.678 SolinSolin, Daniel R.The smartest investment book you'll ever read :;the simple, stress-free way to reach your investment goals
378.1616 MuchnickMuchnick, Cynthia Clumeck,Writing successful college applications :;It's more than just the essay
378.1616 SawyerSawyer, Ethan.College essay essentials :;a step-by-step guide to writing a successful college admission essay
378.1664 AP Psychology Barron's how to prepare for the AP psychology advanced placement examination
378.1664 AP/Physics 1Rideout, Kenneth Wolf, Jonathan.AP PHYSICS 1 : with bonus online tests
378.1664 MCAT/ Passages/Biology 2Orsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Biology 2: System
378.1664 MCAT/Passages/Biology 1Orsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Biology 1: Molecules: Biochemistr
378.1664 MCAT/Passages/CarsOrsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Cars: Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skill
378.1664 MCAT/Passages/ChemistryOrsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Chemistry: General & Organic Chemistr
378.1664 MCAT/Passages/PhysicsOrsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Physic
378.1664 SAT/U.S. History SAT subject test.;U.S. history
378.1664MCAT/Passages/Psycholgy/SociologyOrsay, JonathanExamkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Psychology & Sociolog
598 Gibson The bedside book of birds :;an avian miscellany
612 Complete The complete human body :;the definitive visual guide
613.2 FuhrmanFuhrman, Joel,Fast food genocide :;how processed food is killing us and what we can do about it
613.69 EmersonEmerson, Clint,100 deadly skills :;the SEAL operative's guide to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation
613.69 HansonHanson, JasonSpy secrets that can save your life :;a former CIA officer reveals safety and survival techniques to keep you and your family protected
624.171 GordonGordon, J. E.Structures, or, Why things don't fall down
649.1 SiegelSiegel, Daniel J.,The whole-brain child :;12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind
745.61 NEUGEBAUERNeugebauer, Friedrich.The mystic art of written forms :;an illustrated handbook for lettering
747 NeedlemanNeedleman, Deborah.The perfectly imperfect home :;how to decorate & live well
811.3 JohnsonJohnson, Wendy Dasler,Antebellum American women's poetry :;a rhetoric of sentiment
812.5 ThurberThurber, James,The male animal :;a comedy in three acts
870.9 T35Teuffel, W. S.A history of Roman literature
973.8 Reconstruction Interpreting American history :;Reconstruction
Canvas bag Canvas Bag - Concord Free Public Library
Canvas bag Canvas Bag - Concord Free Public Library
Canvas bag Canvas Bag - Concord Free Public Library
Canvas bag Canvas Bag - Concord Free Public Library
CHINESE 158.1 Mimeng 我喜欢这个 功利 的世界Mimeng,Wo xi huan zhe ge Gong li de shi jie :;zhe shi jie cheng ren mei yi ge ren de nu li
CHINESE 305.55 Mills 白领 : 美国的中产阶级Mills, C. WrightBai ling :;Meiguo de zhong chan jie ji
CHINESE 355.4 Cui 三十六计智谋大全 San shi liu ji zhi mou da quan
CHINESE 641.59519 Han/Mei 美丽韩国菜之四季料理Han, Rongshi.Mei li Han guo cai zhi si ji liao li
CHINESE 818.5 Hanff 查令十字街84号Hanff, Helene,Cha ling shi zi jie 84 hao
CHINESE 951.24905 Bai 岩松看台湾Bai, Yansong,Yansong kan Taiwan :;yuan de li shi jin de qing
CHINESE FICTION Gavalda 在一起, 就好Gavalda, Anna,Zai yi qi, jiu hao
CHINESE FICTION Gavalda 更好的人生Gavalda, Anna,Geng hao de ren sheng
CHINESE FICTION Xu 博弈Xu, Kaizhen,Bo yi :;chang pian xiao shuo.;[Di yi bu]
CHINESE FICTION Xu æˆ‘çš„æœ‹å‹å ‚å‰è¯ƒå¾·Xu, Zechen,Wo de peng you Tang Jihede
CHINESE FICTION Zhang 每个人站起来的方式, 千姿百态Zhang, Ling,Mei ge ren zhan qi lai de fang shi, qian zi bai tai
FICTION EltonElton, Charles,The songs :;a novel
FICTION RadcliffeRadcliffe, Ann Ward,The mysteries of Udolpho
GRAPHIC 150 KleinKlein, Grady,Psychology :;the comic book introduction
GRAPHIC LemireLemire, Jeff,Royal City.;Volume 1,;Next of kin
KOREAN 895.7 ChŏngChŏng, T'ae-sun,Saenggak ŭi sŭllo p'udŭ ka kŭriptamyŏn K'ongk'odŭ ro ttŏnara :;maŭm ŭi sanch'aengno, K'onggodŭ rŭl ch'ajasŏ
PB RACK AustenAusten, Jane,The annotated Persuasion
YA 823.7 Shelly/JudgeJudge, Lita,Mary's monster :;love, madness, and how Mary Shelley created Frankenstein
Lg PRINT FICTION BergBerg, Elizabeth,The story of Arthur Truluv :;a novel
Lg PRINT FICTION FinnFinn, A. J.,The woman in the window
Lg PRINT FICTION HendricksHendricks, Greer,The wife between us
Lg PRINT FICTION HoffmanHoffman, Alice,The rules of magic
Lg PRINT FICTION JoyceJoyce, Rachel,The music shop :;a novel
Lg PRINT FICTION KoontzKoontz, Dean R.The whispering room
Lg PRINT FICTION WingateWingate, Lisa,Before we were yours
Lg PRINT MYSTERY BurkeBurke, James Lee,Robicheaux
Lg PRINT MYSTERY CraisCrais, Robert,The wanted
Lg PRINT MYSTERY KrentzKrentz, Jayne Ann,Promise not to tell
Lg PRINT MYSTERY PrestonPreston, Douglas J.,City of endless night :;a Pendergast novel
Lg PRINT MYSTERY WoodsWoods, Stuart,Unbound
Lg PRINT on orderBradford, Barbara Taylor,Secrets of Cavendon
Lg PRINT on orderPatterson, James,All-American murder :;the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row
Lg PRINT on orderWard, Jesmyn,Sing, unburied, sing
004.165 iPad/MillerMiller, Michael,My iPad for seniors
005.133 CodingAbraham, Nikhil,Coding all-in-one
005.133 Java/BlochBloch, Joshua,Effective Java
005.5 WiseWise, Wendy L.,Anyone can create an app :;beginning iPhone and iPad programming
006.5 iPhone/MiserMiser, BradMy iPhone for senior
070.9 BartlettBartlett, Bruce R.,The truth matters :;a citizen's guide to separating facts from lies and stopping fake news in its tracks
133.42 JonesJones, Marie D.,Demons, the devil, and fallen angels
152.4 DeStenoDeSteno, David,Emotional success :;the power of gratitude, compassion, and pride
152.47 LiebermanLieberman, David J.,Never get angry again :;the foolproof way to stay calm and in control in any conversation or situation
153.46 ApterApter, T. E.,Passing judgment :;praise and blame in everyday life
153.753 GarfieldGarfield, Simon,Timekeepers
153.753 PinkPink, Daniel H.,When :;the scientific secrets of perfect timing
153.8 HadenHaden, Jeff,The motivation myth :;how high achievers really set themselves up to win
155.9042 GreenbergGreenberg, Melanie,The stress-proof brain :;master your emotional response to stress using mindfulness and neuroplasticity
158.1 DuckworthDuckworth, Angela.Grit :;the power of passion and perseverance
158.12 WatkinsWatkins, Light,Bliss more :;how to succeed in meditation without really trying
158.25 BarthBarth, F. Diane,I know how you feel :;the joy and heartbreak of friendship in women's lives
202.3 ShermerShermer, Michael,Heavens on earth :;the scientific search for the afterlife, immortality, and utopia
222.12 FriedmanFriedman, Richard Elliott,The Exodus :;how it happened and why it matters
242.4 KellerKeller, Timothy,God's wisdom for navigating life :;a year of daily devotions in the book of Proverbs
BIOG 248.267 ParsanParsan, Annahita,Stranger no more :;a Muslim refugee's story of harrowing escape, miraculous rescue, and the quiet call of Jesus
248.482 FrancisFrancis,Happiness in this life :;a passionate meditation on earthly existence
261.27 KaemingkKaemingk, Matthew,Christian hospitality and Muslim immigration in an age of fear
270.2092 Augustine/ConstantineAugustine,Confessions :;a new translation
BIOG 277.3092 ClarkClark, Katherine Elizabeth,Where I end :;a story of tragedy, truth, and rebellious hope
292.13 Book The book of Greek & Roman folktales, legends, & myths
294.33 RicardRicard, Matthieu,Beyond the self :;conversations between Buddhism and neuroscience
294.3444 EpsteinEpstein, Mark,Advice not given :;a guide to getting over yourself
296.311 KugelKugel, James L.,The great shift :;encountering God in biblical times
302.309 FergusonFerguson, Niall,The square and the tower :;networks and power, from the Freemasons to Facebook
303.483 HartleyHartley, ScottThe fuzzy and the techie :;why the liberal arts will rule the digital world
303.483 HusainHusain, AmirThe sentient machine :;the coming age of artificial intelligence
303.483 LevitanLevitan, Dave,Not a scientist :;how politicians mistake, misrepresent, and utterly mangle science
303.483 Wachter-BoettcherWachter-Boettcher, Sara,Technically wrong :;sexist apps, biased algorithms, and other threats of toxic tech
303.4833 AlloccaAllocca, Kevin,Videocracy
303.4833 BailensonBailenson, Jeremy,Experience on demand :;what virtual reality is, how it works, and what it can do
303.4833 KeenKeen, Andrew,How to fix the future
303.4834 MulganMulgan, Geoff,Big mind :;how collective intelligence can change our world
304.64 MannixMannix, KathrynWith the End in Mind: Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denia
305.3 LipmanLipman, Joanne,That's what she said :;what men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together
305.4 BeardBeard, Mary,Women & power :;a manifesto
305.42 CarlsonCarlson, Gretchen,Be fierce :;stop harassment and take your power back
BIOG 305.42092 Rose/AndersonAnderson, Bonnie S.,The rabbi's atheist daughter :;Ernestine Rose, international feminist pioneer
305.420973 WestkaemperWestkaemper, Emily,Selling women's history :;packaging feminism in twentieth-century American popular culture
305.8 OluoOluo, Ijeoma,So you want to talk about race
305.8951 MendelsonMendelson, Anne,Chow chop suey :;food and the Chinese American journey
305.896 JerkinsJerkins, Morgan,This will be my undoing :;living at the Intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America
BIOG 306.8742 GiffelsGiffels, David,Furnishing eternity :;a father, a son, a coffin, and a measure of life
320.52 DeneenDeneen, Patrick J.,Conserving America? :;essays on present discontents
320.52 SykesSykes, Charles J.,How the right lost its mind
320.53 RiemenRiemen, Rob,To fight against this age :;on fascism and humanism
321.8 LevitskyLevitsky, Steven,How democracies die
323.1196 TheoharisTheoharis, Jeanne,A more beautiful and terrible history :;the uses and misuses of civil rights history
324.973 DavisDavis, Lanny J.The Unmaking of the President 2016: The Case Against FBI Director James Comey and How He Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidenc
324.973 LewandowskiLewandowski, Corey R.,Let Trump be Trump :;the inside story of his rise to the presidency
327 O'SullivanO'Sullivan, Meghan L.,Windfall :;how the new energy abundance upends global politics and strengthens America's power
327.730538 RiedelRiedel, Bruce O.,Kings and presidents :;Saudi Arabia and the United States since FDR
330.973 HelferichHelferich, Gerard,An unlikely trust :;Theodore Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, and the improbable partnership that remade American business
330.973 MaggorMaggor, Noam,Brahmin capitalism :;frontiers of wealth and populism in America's first Gilded Age
331.409 ZahidiZahidi, Saadia,Fifty million rising :;the new generation of working women transforming the Muslim world
332.024 StroudStroud, Emily G.,Faithful finance :;10 secrets to move from fearful insecurity to confident control
332.6324 MurrayMurray, Brian.Crushing it in apartments and commercial real estate :;how a small investor can make it BIG
332.7 DavenportDavenport, Anthony,Your score :;an insider's secrets to understanding, controlling, and protecting your credit score
336.24 Tax Tax savvy for small business :;year-round tax advice for small businesses
338.04 WilliamsWilliams, Nathan,The Kinfolk entrepreneur :;ideas for meaningful work
BIOG 338.092 Kerkorian/RempelRempel, William C.,The gambler :;how penniless dropout Kirk Kerkorian became the greatest deal maker in capitalist history
338.76 GallowayGalloway, Scott,The four :;the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
342.73029 MaglioccaMagliocca, Gerard N.,The heart of the Constitution :;how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights
343.052 Home Home business tax deductions :;keep what you earn
344.0533 CharlesCharles, Patrick J.Armed in America :;a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry
345.7305 Criminal The criminal law handbook :;know your rights, survive the system
346.054 Quick The quick & legal will book
346.0652 Legal The Legal guide for starting & running a small business
347.73055 BattleBattle, Carl W.,Legal forms for everyone :;leases, home sales, avoiding probate, living wills, trusts, divorce, copyrights, and much more
355.02 RubinsonRubinson, Paul,Redefining science :;scientists, the national security state, and nuclear weapons in Cold War America
BIOG 362.76 JulienJulien, MaudeThe Only Girl in the World: A Memoi
363.7 MannMann, Charles C.,The wizard and the prophet :;two remarkable scientists and their dueling visions to shape tomorrow's world
364 BaatzBaatz, Simon,The girl on the velvet swing :;sex, murder, and the madness at the dawn of the twentieth century
364.1523 PattersonPatterson, James,All-American murder :;the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row
364.66 BakerBaker, David V.,Women and capital punishment in the United States :;an analytical history
364.973 SharkeySharkey, Patrick,Uneasy peace :;the great crime decline, the renewal of city life, and the next war on violence
371.95 HulbertHulbert, Ann,Off the charts :;the hidden lives and lessons of American child prodigies
373.1 GleasonGleason, David L.,At what cost? :;defending adolescent development in fiercely competitive schools
501 ShtulmanShtulman, Andrew,Scienceblind :;why our intuitive theories about the world are so often wrong
510.9 BallBall, Johnny,Wonders beyond numbers :;a brief history of all things mathematical
520 VamplewGater, Will,The practical astronomer
530.12 Van CalmthoutVan Calmthout, MartijnReal Quanta: Simplifying Quantum Physics for Einstein and Boh
538.7 MitchellMitchell, Alanna,The spinning magnet :;the electromagnetic force that created the modern world--and could destroy it
551 ProtheroProthero, Donald R.,The story of the Earth in 25 rocks :;tales of important geological puzzles and the people who solved them
553.282 SmilSmil, Vaclav,Oil :;a beginner's guide
BIOG 576.82092 Darwin/WilsonWilson, A. N.,Charles Darwin :;Victorian mythmaker
579 MoneyMoney, Nicholas P.,The rise of yeast :;how the sugar fungus shaped civilization
591.56 RyanRyan, Michael J.A taste for the beautiful :;the evolution of attraction in animals and humans
598 BarnesBarnes, Simon,The meaning of birds
598.177 NicolsonNicolson, Adam,The seabird's cry /;The Lives and Loves of the Planet's Great Ocean Voyager
599 DrewDrew, Liam,I, mammal :;the story of what makes us mammals
BIOG 610.92 BartoloBartolo, Pietro,Tears of salt :;a doctor's story
612 TullekenTulleken, Chris van,Secrets of the human body
612.61 CarruthersCarruthers, Prof MalcolmAndrogen Deficiency in the Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment - 2nd Editio
612.662 Weiss-WolfWeiss-Wolf, Jennifer,Periods gone public :;taking a stand for menstrual equity
612.82 MedinaMedina, John,Brain rules for aging well :;10 principles for staying vital, happy, and sharp
614.4 QuickQuick, Jonathan D.,The end of epidemics :;the looming threat to humanity and how to stop it
615.535 DavisDavis, William,Undoctored :;why health care has failed you and how you can become smarter than your doctor
615.851 ChopraChopra, Deepak,The healing self :;a revolutionary new plan to supercharge your immunity and stay well for life
615.852 TaylorTaylor, Madisyn,Unmedicated :;the four pillars of natural wellness
616.029 HarringtonHarrington, SamuelAt Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Lif
616.8498 BaroneBarone, Daniel A.Let's Talk about Sleep: A Guide to Understanding and Improving Your Slumbe
616.8527 HariHari, Johann,Lost connections :;uncovering the real causes of depression-- and the unexpected solutions
BIOG 616.8583 GarzaGarza, Erica,Getting off :;one woman's journey through sex and porn addiction
BIOG 616.8982 PrahladPrahlad, Anand,The secret life of a Black Aspie :;a memoir
616.92 FallonFallon, Brian,Conquering Lyme disease :;science bridges the great divide
616.99424 ScottScott, Walter,Lung cancer :;from diagnosis to treatment
617.412 MorrisMorris, Thomas Neil Gareth,The matter of the heart :;a history of the heart in eleven operations
618.76 StarrFox Starr, Rebecca,Beyond the baby blues :;anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy
618.92852 Burke HarrisHarris, Nadine BurkeThe deepest well :;healing the long-term effects of childhood adversity
629.45 LeinbachLeinbach, Michael D.,Bringing Columbia home :;the untold story of a lost space shuttle and her crew
631.584 TickellTickell, Joshua,Kiss the ground :;how the food you eat can reverse climate change, heal your body & ultimately save our world
635 Kiang-SprayKiang-Spray, Wendy,The Chinese kitchen garden :;growing techniques and family recipes from a classic cuisine
635.0484 HolzmanHolzman, FrankRadical regenerative gardening and farming :;biodynamic practices and perspectives
636.7 FriedmanFriedman, Elias Weiss,The dogist puppies
640 LeyLey, Emily,A simplified life :;tactical tools for intentional living
641.3373 EastoEasto, Jessica,Craft coffee :;a manual : brewing a better cup at home
641.5 TurshenTurshen, Julia,Feed the resistance :;recipes + ideas for getting involved
646.34 Classic Classic style :;hand it down, dress it up, wear it out
646.4 FallonFallon, Jules,Dressmaking :;the indispensable guide
646.79 DoyleDoyle, Lawrence G.,Adventures in retirement :;a hilarious journey into the unknown world of excess time, limited responsibilities and an uncertain future
646.79 LelandLeland, John,Happiness is a choice you make :;lessons from a year among the oldest old
649.1 SiegelSiegel, Daniel J.,The yes brain :;how to cultivate courage, curiosity, and resilience in your child
650.1 BarshBarsh, Joanna,Grow wherever you work :;straight talk to help with your toughest challenges
650.1 BirchBirch, Ruthi Postow,How to build a piano bench :;lessons for success from a red-dirt road in Alabama
650.1 FerrissFerriss, Timothy,Tribe of mentors :;short life advice from the best in the world
650.1 HansenHansen, Morten T,Great at work :;how top performers do less, work better, and achieve more
650.1 SteibSteib, Mike,The career manifesto :;discover your calling and create an extraordinary life
650.1082 KerpenKerpen, Carrie,Work it :;secrets for success from the boldest women in business
658.048 JanusJanus, Kathleen Kelly,Social startup success :;how the best nonprofits launch, scale up, and make a difference
658.11 GuillebeauGuillebeau, Chris,Side hustle :;from idea to income in 27 days
658.11 SchrammSchramm, Carl J.,Burn the business plan :;what great entrepreneurs really do
658.114 GriffinGriffin, Trenholme J.,A dozen lessons for entrepreneurs
658.4 CoyleCoyle, Daniel,The culture code :;the secrets of highly successful groups
658.4 DaskalDaskal, Lolly,The leadership gap :;what gets between you and your greatness
658.85 PollardPollard, Matthew,The introvert's edge :;how the quiet and shy can outsell anyone
659.1 Ogilvy/YoungYoung, Miles,Ogilvy on advertising in the digital age
736.4 BainbridgeBainbridge, Max,Heirloom wood :;a modern guide to carving spoons, bowls, boards, and other homewares
746.432 RangelRangel, Andrea,Alterknit stitch dictionary
746.432 Vogue Vogue knitting.;The ultimate knitting book
746.434 DelaneyDelaney, SaraDesign your own crochet projects :;magic formulas for creating custom scarves, cowls, hats, socks, mittens, and gloves
746.44 ChaninChanin, Natalie,The geometry of hand-sewing :;a romance in stitches and embroidery from Alabama Chanin and the School of Making
746.46 ThomasThomas, Donna Lynn,The anniversary sampler quilt :;40 traditional blocks, 7 keepsake settings
747.0973 Home Home :;the best of the New York times home section : the way we live now
779.092 Maier/BannosBannos, Pamela,Vivian Maier :;a photographer's life and afterlife
BIOG 790.2092 Robeson/SparrowSparrow, Jeff,No way but this :;in search of Paul Robeson
791.4392 GrayGray, Beverly,Seduced by Mrs. Robinson :;how the Graduate became the touchstone of a generation
793.8092 StaniforthStaniforth, Nate,Here is real magic
811.5 GiovanniGiovanni, Nikki,A good cry :;what we learn from tears and laughter
811.5 Haines/WarrenWarren, James Perrin,Placing John Haines
811.5 KinnellKinnell, Galway,Collected poems
BIOG 811.5 Pound/SwiftSwift, Daniel,The bughouse :;the poetry, politics, and madness of Ezra Pound
BIOG 813.5 Wilder/FraserFraser, Caroline,Prairie fires :;the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
BIOG 818.4 Twain/ScharnhorstScharnhorst, GaryThe Life of Mark Twain: The Early Years, 1835-187
824.91 CoetzeeCoetzee, J. M.,Late essays, 2006-2017
BIOG 843.91 Ernaux/StrayerErnaux, Annie,The years
909.04924 GoodmanGoodman, MartinA History of Judais
909.82 AsbrinkÃ…sbrink, Elisabeth,1947 :;where now begins
914.21 Fodor's Fodor's London
914.4 Rick Rick Steves' France
914.49 Provence Provence & the Côte d'Azur
914.58 Sicily Sicily
914.731 Moscow Moscow
914.89 Denmark Eyewitness travel Denmark
914.912 Iceland Iceland
914.92 Amsterdam Amsterdam
914.93 Belgium Belgium and Luxembourg
914.94 Switzerland Switzerland
914.95 Greece Greece
915.115 Beijing Beijing
915.125 Hong Kong Hong Kong
915.2135 Tokyo Tokyo
915.61 Turkey Turkey :;a Lonely Planet travel survival kit
917.1 Discover Discover Canada
917.1133 Fodor's Vancouver & Victoria
917.15 Nova Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
917.2 Mexico Mexico
917.26 Cancun Cancún and the Yucatán
917.29 Caribbean Caribbean
917.29 Fodor's Fodor's Caribbean cruise ports of call
917.41 Moon Moon Coastal Maine
917.731 Chicago Chicago
917.95 Lonely The Pacific northwest's best trips
917.95 Washington Washington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest
919.4 Australia Australia
919.692 Fodor's Fodor's Maui with Molokai and Lānai
919.89 ShapiroShapiro, Laurie Gwen,The stowaway :;a young man's extraordinary adventure to Antarctica
930.1 Archaeology Archaeology :;the essential guide to our human past
937 IsmardIsmard, Paulin,Democracy's slaves :;a political history of ancient Greece
937.05 DuncanDuncan, MikeThe storm before the storm :;the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic
938.03 GarlandGarland, Robert,Athens Burning :;The Persian Invasion of Greece and the Evacuation of Attica
940 LanglandsLanglands, Alex,Cræft :;an inquiry into the origins and true meaning of traditional crafts
940.5317 ChopasChopas, Mary Elizabeth Basile,Searching for subversives :;the story of Italian internment in wartime America
942.1 AlfordAlford, Stephen,London's triumph :;merchants, adventurers, and money in Shakespeare's city
942.1086 SinclairSinclair, Iain,The last London :;true fictions from an unreal city
BIOG 947.0854092 Gorbachev/TaubmanTaubman, William.Gorbachev :;his life and times
949.61 FidlerFidler, RichardGhost empire :;a journey to the legendary Constantinople
BIOG 951.05 TongTong, Scott,A village with my name :;a family history of China's opening to the world
956.94 BergmanBergman, Ronen,Rise and kill first :;the secret history of Israel's targeted assassinations
958.1047 CollColl, Steve.Directorate s
959.7043 BootBoot, Max,The road not taken :;Edward Lansdale and the American tragedy in Vietnam
973.25 LaramieLaramie, Michael G.,King William's War :;the first contest for North America, 1689-1697
973.3 American The American Revolution reborn
973.52 KilmaedeKilmeade, Brian,Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans :;the battle that shaped America's destiny
973.7 AyersAyers, Edward L.,The thin light of freedom :;the Civil War and emancipation in the heart of America
BIOG 973.7092 Douglass/ProphetDilbeck, D. H.,Frederick Douglass :;America's prophet
BIOG 973.82092 Grant/ChernowChernow, Ron,Grant
973.917092 Roosevelt, F.D./JeffriesJeffries, John W.,A third term for FDR :;the election of 1940
BIOG 973.917092 Roosevelt, F.D./WoolnerWoolner, David B.,The last 100 days :;FDR at war and at peace
973.92 ChritchlowCritchlow, Donald T.,Republican character :;from Nixon to Reagan
BIOG 973.922092 Onassis/TaraborrelliTaraborrelli, J. Randy,Jackie, Janet & Lee :;the secret lives of Janet Auchincloss and her daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill
973.933 FrumFrum, David,Trumpocracy :;the corruption of the American republic
973.933 JohnstonJohnston, David Cay,It's even worse than you think :;what the Trump administration is doing to America
973.933 WolffWolff, Michael,Fire and fury :;inside the Trump White House
973.933 WolffWolff, Michael,Fire and fury :;inside the Trump White House
973.933 WolffWolff, Michael,Fire and fury :;inside the Trump White House
973.933 WolffWolff, Michael,Fire and fury :;inside the Trump White House
974.3 CrouseCrouse, Karen.Norwich :;one tiny Vermont town's secret to happiness and excellence
974.71 BascomBascom, Lionel C.,Harlem :;the crucible of modern African American culture
974.879 ThompsonThompson, J. William,From memory to memorial :;Shanksville, America, and Flight 93
975.3 SnyderSnyder, Brad,The House of Truth :;a Washington political salon and the foundations of American liberalism
976.04 FieldField, Kendra Taira,Growing up with the country;family, race, and nation after the civil war
976.4 HodgeHodge, Roger D.,Texas blood :;seven generations among the outlaws, ranchers, Indians, missionaries, soldiers, and smugglers of the borderlands
Canvas bag Canvas Bag - Concord Free Public Library
FICTION AliuAliu, Xhenet,Brass :;a novel
FICTION AndersonAnderson, JamesLullaby road :;a novel
FICTION AndrewsAndrews, V. C.House of secrets
FICTION AshleyAshley, Jennifer,Death below stairs
FICTION Auður A. ÓlafsdóttirAuður A. Ólafsdóttir,Hotel silence
FICTION BenjaminBenjamin, Melanie,The girls in the picture
FICTION BerensonBerenson, AlexThe Deceiver
FICTION BlædelBlædel, Sara,The undertaker's daughter
FICTION BlockBlock, Stefan Merrill,Oliver loving :;a novel
FICTION BrachtBracht, Mary Lynn,White chrysanthemum
FICTION BrownBrown, Dale,Act of revenge :;a novel
FICTION BurkeBurke, Alafair,The wife :;a novel of psychological suspense
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FICTION ClevelandCleveland, Karen,Need to know :;a novel
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MYSTERY PryorPryor, Mark,Dominic :;a Hollow man novel
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MYSTERY RobbRobb, J. D.,Dark in death
MYSTERY SigerSiger, Jeffrey,An Aegean April
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MYSTERY SimonsSimons, Paullina,The girl in Times Square
MYSTERY TrowTrow, M. J.,The island
MYSTERY TudorTudor, C. J.,The chalk man :;a novel
MYSTERY VaughanVaughan, Sarah,Anatomy of a scandal :;a novel
MYSTERY WoodsWoods, Stuart,Unbound :;a Stone Barrington novel
On orderDoyle, Lawrence G.,Adventures in retirement :;a hilarious journey into the unknown world of excess time, limited responsibilities and an uncertain future
OVERSIZE 508 Natural Natural wonders of the world
SCI FIC BurkeBurke, SueSemiosi
SCI FIC NewitzNewitz, Annalee,Autonomous
SCI FIC SharpSharp, Chris,Cold counsel
SCI FIC WeirWeir, Andy,Artemis :;a novel
SCI FIC WilsonWilson, F. PaulThe god gene

The Cowboys (6-6) begin December clinging to the NFC wild-card race with four games remaining. The New York Giants (2-10) are in the middle of a late-season makeover: Ben McAdoo has been replaced by interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo, and quarterback Eli Manning has been moved back to the starting role.

These NFC East rivals last met in the Sept. 10 season opener, won 19-3 by the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Which team will prevail Sunday in a matchup critical to the Cowboys’ playoff hopes?

The staff gives their gut feelings for Week 14 at MetLife Stadium:

 I know this one has “trap game” written all over it, but it really shouldn’t. Everyone keeps talking about the Giants being so bad this year, and their 2-10 record suggests that. But the Cowboys are just a few games better. We know anything can happen, and in this rivalry, it usually does. Still, I see the Cowboys winning this game if they can withstand the first few minutes – maybe half of the first quarter. Yes, the Giants will be inspired to have Manning back in the starting lineup, and we’ll see tons of No. 10 jerseys out in the stands, and the color-rush uniforms of the Giants will probably have them hyped. But as long as there aren’t a couple of early turnovers or a blocked punt or something that gets turns that momentum into points, the Cowboys should be fine. Talent usually prevails in 60 minutes and the Cowboys simply have more. I see a defensive touchdown this week – maybe from one of those rookie defensive backs – and I can see Taco Charlton with another sack. On offense, this could be a big game for Cole Beasley. Dan Bailey will make a few field goals in this ugly game as the Cowboys prevail, 25-16.The New York Giants are a shell of a team. They’ve lost their best players at various times during the season. Their general manager and head coach were fired during the season, which is all you need to know. With all that being said, the coaches and players that are left still have something to play for, and that’s their jobs. The Giants will give the Cowboys their best shot and will hang in, but these are the type of games that Jason Garrett doesn’t lose. In games that he’s supposed to win, he generally does, and this one will be no different. Cowboys offensively put pressure on the Giants to score, but they don’t: Dallas 27, Giants 13.The Cowboys’ 38-14 win over Washington was exactly what they needed and exactly what they’re capable of, even without Ezekiel Elliott and Sean Lee. Now Lee will be back on defense against a Giants offense with injuries at major spots, particularly the offensive line and wide receiver. The weather will be cold and windy, and the Cowboys’ offense still must contend with a formidable Giants defensive front. But I think they do enough to win a low-scoring game at the Meadowlands and keep playoff hopes going.I’m choosing to believe that this is as straightforward as it looks. I’m not going to say it will be easy, because it’s the NFL. But the Cowboys are a healthier team – and honestly, they’re just a better team. La’el Collins is going to play, which means Dallas will have its starting offensive line back, and I just have to believe they’ll be able to run the ball against the worst run defense in the league. If Alfred Morris can get cranking, it should open things up enough for Dak Prescott to do what he needs to do. On the other side of the ball, the Giants simply don’t have any playmakers that scare me – especially with Lee back in the lineup. I’m counting on the pass rush to get three or four sacks, and that should hopefully pressure Manning into an interception or two. I don’t think this is going to be a particularly pretty game, but it’s one the Cowboys shouldn’t have to sweat about. I figure they’ll score late to put it away, 24-10. Read
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