Fitness Instructor Resume Cover Letter

Martin Johnson
Unit 1/44 Medic Street
Fantasy Town QLD 4343
M: 0404 444 000
T: (07) 0000 0000

19 February 2010

Daniel Vassily
Recruitment Manager
Golden Leisure Centres
GPO Box 111
Brisbane QLD 4000

Dear Mr Vassily

Re: Group Fitness Programmer, Ref 457HGR

Please accept my application for the advertised position of Group Fitness Programmer at Golden Leisure Centres. I believe that my qualifications, extensive background in and passion for all things exercise, fitness and training make me an ideal candidate for this role.

I am keen to join the team at Golden Leisure Centres, a company that has an excellent reputation in all fields of corporate health management, and renowned for providing excellent opportunities to young trainers.

By way of qualifications, I have a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science from James Cook University, several First Aid certificates, have completed sport/remedial massage courses and have done management training.

My areas of expertise are fitness assessments and muscle testing, and one-on-one and group training sessions. I am experienced in remedial, Swedish and sports massage and am familiar with all facets of OH&S.

As Health and Lifestyle Instructor at Gearsons, I honed my group fitness skills and initiated a number of educational seminars and health awareness programs, as well as organised company fitness competitions. Working as a Personal Trainer at Meredith Hotel prior to that, I lead one-on-one fitness training with a broad range of clientele as well as assisted with marketing the hotel’s fitness services.

I have also worked with athletes, training and fitness testing the Sunshine Football Team.

My work experience has allowed me to gain experience with a broad spectrum of physical needs and different roles within the fitness environment. My experience has also given me excellent time management and organisational skills. I am outgoing, organised and compassionate, and I am able to motivate people with my energy and enthusiasm. I enjoy the companionship of my clients and colleagues and am confident in my ability to become an outstanding member of your team.

Please find my resume and references enclosed.

Kind Regards

[sign here]

Martin Johnson

Fitness Instructor Cover Letter

Fitness Instructors are trained professionals who specialize in one or more areas of physical fitness, and teach these areas of fitness in individual or group settings. Their work activities include assessing the fitness level of clients and class attendees, developing customized fitness routines, educating clients on proper fitness technique, motivating clients to stretch their limits and keeping records of client progress.

The following skills and qualifications are the most commonly highlighted in Fitness Instructor cover letters.

  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification
  • Fitness acumen
  • Current on latest fitness trends
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Active lifestyle
  • Lively personality
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Active listening skills

Below is a Fitness Instructor sample cover letter that highlights some of these skills and qualifications.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Fitness Instructor Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Tucker

I am writing to apply to the position of Fitness Instructor. As an ACE-certified group fitness instructor with five years of experience in helping people achieve peak physical fitness, I think my set of skills can be a great fit at your organization.

My professional experience includes creating customized fitness routines for individuals, as well as facilitating various group fitness classes. I think the skills I have honed through this experience can be a great addition to LevelUp Fitness.

The following are some of my most relevant skills and qualifications:

  • Earned ACE group fitness instructor certification
  • Facilitated group Spin and Yoga classes
  • Crafted individualized fitness plans for one-on-one clients
  • Motivated multiple people to achieve and surpass their fitness goals

What sets me apart from other candidates is my general love for fitness. For me, fitness is a lifestyle. If I’m not consciously working on my fitness, then I’m engaging in active hobbies that keep me moving. I would love the opportunity to bring this energy to LevelUp Fitness. Give me a call if you want to schedule an interview. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thomas J. Rigney

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