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Spacing is very important while creating documents as it impacts the outlook  and presentation of the document. You can easily increase or decrease the spacing between paragraphs, lines, and even words in Microsoft Word 2010.

How To Modify Spacing Between Paragraphs

It is very easy to change the spacing before or after any particular paragraph or set of paragraphs. Simply select the paragraph(s) for which you are going to change the spacing and click on the Page Layout tab, here find the Paragraph group. Now choose the new spacing values in the form of points here.

How To Modify Spacing Between Lines

We have described the method of changing the space before and after the paragraph in the above section. Lets see how we can change the line spacing in your document. It is also very easy, click the Home menu and go to the Paragraph section here, and in the Line Spacing option, choose the new spacing that you need. You can double the line spacing by choosing 2 or triple it by choose 3 and so on.

You can also remove spacing before or after the paragraph from this option. Enjoy!



Microsoft Notepad is a no-frills text editor that comes as a standard feature on computers running the Windows operating system. Although useful for simple tasks such as inputting unformatted text for later copying and pasting into word processing documents, online forms or Web pages, Notepad offers very few of the formatting options most businesses need to produce professional-looking documents. Spacing text in Notepad is restricted to applying "word wrap" to keep the text spaced within the margins of the visible document, or inserting space breaks between paragraphs.

Apply Word Wrap Spacing in Notepad

1. Click the "Start" button in the desktop taskbar. Select "All Programs | Accessories | Notepad" to launch the Notepad application. Notepad starts automatically with a new blank document.

2. Click the "Format" option on the top menu bar. Select "Word Wrap" from the pull-down menu.

3. Type or paste text into the document. Notepad will space and wrap the text inside the visible document pane rather than allow it to run beyond the right margin.

4. Click "File" followed by "Save" to save the text document. Notepad will retain the word wrap formatting the next time you reopen the document.

Insert Paragraph Breaks in Notepad

1. Launch Microsoft Notepad.

2. Type or paste text into the document.

3. Click on the page immediately below the line or block of text that you want to precede the paragraph break space.

4. Press the "Enter" or "Return" key on your computer keyboard to insert a space between the lines or blocks of text. You can insert as many paragraph spaces as you want by pressing the key more than once.

5. Click "File" followed by "Save" to save the text document.


  • To apply double-line spacing, justified spacing or other more advanced spacing formats to plain text, use the free WordPad text editor that comes as a standard feature with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Notepad does offer font face, style and size options to format text. Select "Format" and then "Font" to access these options.

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