Nova Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement

Hometown: Mumbai India

Undergraduate College: SNDT College

Dental School: Nair Hospital Dental College

Additional Education: University of Florida, Internship

Current Year in Residency: 1st

Personal Statement:

I graduated from one of the top dental schools of India and started my general dentistry practice in my hometown before coming to the USA. In the USA, I volunteered with American Red Cross and Dept. Of Veteran Affairs. To hone my periodontal knowledge, I did my 1yr internship from University of Florida. Currently, I am proud to be part of IUPUI Periodontal program. In the future, I would like to have my career in academia. Also, I would work towards the growth of my charitable trust named “Smithasy Foundation”.

My family: My parents and my husband.

In my free time, I love auto detailing, play video games, watch movies and travel to new places. I love to volunteer and give back to society with Salvation Army and by contributing to Orphanages in India.

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29-1029 Dentists, all other specialists

How much will this program cost me each year?


  • Tuition: $44,085
  • Student Service fee : $1050
  • HPD General Access Fee: $145

Pediatric Dentistry 1st year

  • Books: $1,000
  • Supplies: $4,850
  • Equipment : $12,350
  • Other : $7,500

Pediatric Dentistry 2nd year

  • Books: $800
  • Supplies : $3,850
  • Equipment : $3,000
  • Other : $7,500

The program is designed to take 24 months.

What are my financing options to pay for the program?

In addition to any grants or scholarship aid for which they are eligible, students have taken loans to finance their education.


The majority of our students (99%) who begin the programs finish.

One hundred percent of our post doctoral graduates are all able to find employment.

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