7 013 Introductory Biology Assignments


Jessica will have her office hours on Saturday 5/19 from 10-11 in the student center coffee house on the 3rd flr.

Varsha will have office hours on Tuesday night from 9-11pm in the coffee house.

Ellie will have office hours on Tuesday from 12-1pm in 26-310.

Final Exam Info:

5/23 9AM-12PM in Johnson Track.

You must bring your IDs to the exam.

Review Session: 5/21 7-9pm in 10-250.

Q&A session: 5/22 7-9pm in 32-144.

Good Luck!!


Exam III results:

Avg: 71.1

St Dev: 14.1

Exam III key has beenposted.

Problem Set 7 key has been posted.

The Lecture slides through Lecture 39 have beenposted.

Make sure to look at all the "terms to know" posted throughout the semester under lecture materials.

**Reminder: Please take advantage of TA's and Professor's office hours for concept review and clarification. You may attend any TA's office hours regardless of what section you are in.**


Questions about the course?  Contact the course instructor Phil Lessard at:

plessard [at] mit.edu


7.013 is one of three Introductory Biology classes.
Please see the 7.01x page for more information.

Course Description

Academic year 2006-07: Spring 2007


The fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology.

The core material focuses on function at a molecular level: the structure and regulation of genes, and the structure and synthesis of proteins; how these molecules are integrated into cells; and how cells are integrated into multicellular systems and organisms.

7.013 focuses on the application of the fundamental principles toward an understanding of human biology. Topics include genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, disease (infectious agents, inherited diseases and cancer), developmental biology, neurobiology and evolution.

These are proposed readings. The assigned pages per lecture closely follow the lectures but are not the exact replicas of the lectures. All readings are from the required course textbook:

Campbell, N. A., J. B. Reece, et al. Campbell Biology. 9th ed. Benjamin Cummings, 2010. ISBN: 9780321558237.

1Introduction 1Chapter 1, pp. 4–25.
2Biochemistry 1Chapter 2, pp. 30–43; Chapter 7, pp. 125–9, and Chapter 4, pp. 58–76.
3Biochemistry 2Chapter 5, pp. 77–89.
4Biochemistry 3Chapter 8, pp. 142–60.
5Genetics 1Chapter 14, pp. 262–70.
6Genetics 2Chapter 12, pp. 228–37, and Chapter 13, pp. 248–57.
7Genetics 3Chapter 12, pp. 257–60, and Chapter 14, pp. 267–70.
8Genetics 4Chapter 12, pp. 275–81.
9The CellChapter 6, pp. 94–121, and Chapter 25, pp. 507–10.
10Molecular Biology 1Chapter 16, pp. 305–19.
11Molecular Biology 2Chapter 17, pp. 331–4.
12Molecular Biology 3Chapter 16, pp. 320–2; Chapter 17, pp. 334–6, and Chapter 18, pp. 357–72.
13Molecular Biology 4Chapter 17, pp. 328–31, and pp. 337–46.
14Recombinant DNA 1Chapter 20.
15Recombinant DNA 2
16Recombinant DNA 3
17Recombinant DNA 4
18Cell Biology 1Chapter 17, pp. 342–4.
19Cell Biology 2Chapter 11, pp. 206–22.
20Cell Biology 3Chapter 12, pp. 238–43, and Chapter 11, pp. 223–4.
21Development 1Chapter 47, pp. 1025–41.
22Development 2Chapter 47, pp. 1024–41. (cont.)
23Stem CellsChapter 42, pp. 912, and Chapter 20, pp. 412–7.
24Immunology 1Chapter 43.
25Immunology 2Chapter 43. (cont.)
26Neurobiology 1Chapter 48, pp. 1045–9.
27Neurobiology 2Chapter 48, pp. 1050–7.
28Neurobiology 3Chapter 49, pp. 1076–8.
29Cancer 1 
30Cancer 2Chapter 17, p. 346.
31Cancer 3Chapter 12, pp. 240–2, and Chapter 18, pp. 373–6.
32Virology 1Chapter 12, pp. 242–3, and Chapter 21, pp. 432.
33Virology 2Chapter 19.
34Prion DiseasesChapter 19, pp. 388–91; Chapter 26, pp. 550–1; Chapter 20, p. 417; Chapter 23, p. 472; Chapter 43, pp. 949–50, and Chapter 7, p. 130.
35Future of Biology 1Chapter 21.
36Future of Biology 2
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