Pro Animal Euthanasia Arguments Essay

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Pro Euthanasia Argument in Mla Format Essay

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Argument Essay
Active euthanasia should be permitted as a medical treatment to allow people the right to die with dignity without pain and in peace. Euthanasia, also known as assisted suicide or mercy killing, takes on many different forms. When most Americans think of euthanasia, they think of a specific form that is referred to as “active euthanasia” which means to actively do something that will end a patient’s life with or without that individual’s consent. When euthanasia is performed in an involuntary manner it is usually because the patient is comatose, unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate whether or not they want to have their life prolonged through artificial means. In such cases, the physician makes an…show more content…

in Petrou 23). Had Hans Knottenbelt been living in any of the forty-nine out of fifty American states where euthanasia is illegal, the sight of his death would have been anything but beautiful. His daughter describes what an average night was like for her father while he was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease: "My Dad woke up in the evenings like a scared rabbit. He was so scared. Not scared of dying, but scared of suffocation, of the way he would die" (qtd. in Petrou 22). Without the option of peacefully ending his life, Knottenbelt's fears would have become reality. The most likely scenario would have been for him to wake up in the middle of the night and discover his airway blocked up with fluids. In a panic, he would have furiously rung the bell beside his bed to alert his family he needed help, as he did on a near nightly basis. This time his help would either arrive too late, or be unable to clear his windpipe. Knottenbelt would have died in one of the most excruciating ways imaginable. The unlucky family member who had come to his side to try to help him would be forced to watch him violently struggle for air right up until the moment of his death. Frank Collins from Baruch College wrote an essay titled “To die or not to die” which gives another prime example of a case where active euthanasia should be practiced. He writes about the tragic story of a French woman by the

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The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia Essay

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The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia

Due to the domestication of cats and dogs their populations have skyrocketed. This is due in part to the lack of pet owners acting in a responsible manner. These responsibilities include the spaying and neutering of pets. These numbers of homeless animals in communities have caused humane societies to euthanize too many animals. This, I feel is a violation to animal rights and is a cruel way for these animals to have to leave this world. I disagree with the activists who believe that the way to keep animal populations down is to euthanize these poor animals. Nothing good could come from the slaughtering of these animals. Fostering large numbers of animals in communities is an overwhelming…show more content…

As they take the dog on a leash down to the E-room, it wags its tail and trembles in fear. Its excited for the attention, but at the same time is in fear of what he's being led to. All the dogs stop barking as they lead him down the isle. They know what's going on. One of their fellow friends is going to die, and they may be next. They place the dog on an old blanket on the concrete floor and shave off a patch of fur on his leg. The dog starts to tremble more. A tourniquet is wrapped slowly around his leg and a syringe of cool blue liquid death enters his body making his eyelids grow heavy and eventually falling limp in the arms of the employee. His heartbeat slowly dissapates and then stops. This, unfortunately, is a regular occurence in animal shelters today.

Some proponents for euthinization in animal shelters believe that giving them a dignified painless death is a lot better than leaving them out to die on the streets. Also they feel that allowing a dog or cat to be subjected to abuse and neglect is inhumane and worse than death. ( Mountain, p.2 ). I totally agree with them, but resorting to euthinization is not the only solution. We should look to the pet owners and the people of our society for the solutions. Animal shelters should have campaigns to help promote the adoption of animals in their shelter. Reach out to the people of society and let them know what kind of influence a pet can bring into their life. We shouldn't give up on these

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