Sample Cover Letter For Internship Finance Nj

135 Oak Street
Riverton, NJ 07777


July 1, 201X


Mr. William O'Hara
Personnel Director
Expedited Distribution Services
5678 Industrial Parkway
Trentonville, NJ 08888


Dear Mr. O'Hara,

I am applying for the position of Warehouse Associate posted on your website. From what I’ve learned by researching your organization, it sounds like your fast-paced environment and emphasis on teamwork is an ideal place for me to apply the skills I’ve acquired in a variety of previous jobs.

The following list outlines how my experience aligns with the requirements of the Warehouse Associate position.


            Your Key Requirements                                    My Experience


Follow safety and standard operating     Three years of successful and accident-
procedures                                                   and injury-free performance in 
                                                                       hazardous workplaces.


Retrieve, pack, and secure items for       Boxed a variety of materials and loaded
shipment                                                     and unloaded trucks, permitting fast and
                                                                      damage-free shipment of a wide variety
                                                                      of products and equipment.


Utilize teamwork, problem-solving,       Worked effectively with diverse groups
and organization skills                              of coworkers in a variety of workplaces,
                                                                      and accomplished all assigned tasks
                                                                      despite challenging and constantly
                                                                      changing conditions.


I look forward to meeting with you to learn more about the position and to discuss how my experience can contribute to the success of Expedited Distribution Services.




Alex Cook
(609) 555-5555

Cover Letter for Finance Assistant

Finance department is an important section of an organization. It controls and manages the financial resources to help the organization achieve profit. It is a specialized field, and a degree in finance is required. You can start a career by completing an internship with any company or a firm. After your internship, you can apply for a finance assistant job. For this, you will need to know how to draft a finance assistant cover letter.

The letter can be written by any fresher or experienced person. Though the format and tone of the letter will remain the same, the information on the body section will change. A fresher must highlight his qualification in finance and internship experience. Any additional certificate of training will also work in driving the employer's interest in your favor. Experienced personnel must highlight their skills and the duties handled for the past and current employers. Follow these sample cover letters depending on your experience.

Sample Cover Letter (For Fresher)

Martha Wickham
3847 Coal Street
Manhattan, NY92948
Mobile: 843-289-9384
E-mail id:

January 1, 2014

Mr. Chris Humphrey
Finance Manager
HQ Capital
8437 Arthur Street
Manhatan, NY93847

Subject: Application for Finance Assistant position

Dear Mr. Humphrey,

My client, Mr. Matt Robins has given me the reference about a job opening for a finance assistant position at HQ Capital. Since it is a privilege getting a chance to work in your organization, this cover letter is my expression of interest for the said position.

Though I am a fresher, I have the confidence of matching to your expectations. I was inclined towards a career in finance from early days. To accomplish my goal, I even completed my degree course in Financial Planning. During the course, I have worked in several live projects for clients ranging from automobile, to hospitality, and manufacturing industries. To prepare the groundwork, I have even completed my internship with a financial management firm for one year.

I hope you will take time from your busy schedule to go through the enclosed resume and certificates of merit, and offer me a chance to be interviewed. I am confident of convincing you about my abilities to handle the job responsibilities. Please respond to my call on coming Monday at 10:30 am. Thank you for your time.


Martha Wickham

Enclosure: Resume and Certificates

Sample Cover Letter (For Experienced)

Brian L. Ford
3576 West Side Avenue
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
Phone: 201-312-1456

January 1, 2014

Jared J. White
Finance Manager
Pack & Go Associations
3776 Broad Street
Rochelle Park, NJ 07660

Subject: Application for the position of Finance Assistant

Dear Mr. White,

If sales and marketing team spins revenue for an organization, then finance department offers them the resources to make it possible. This understanding I have gained after serving for five-year as finance assistant. Since I came to know about a job opening similar to my position through known resources, I just need to make the most out of this opportunity and see myself working for Pack & Go Associations.

What makes my career a unique is the opportunity I got to serve two different types of industries – hospital and hotel. And the common thing in both these workplaces were customer service. I have handled clerical and administrative duties in both these employment. In addition, my qualification in Finance Administration and Statistics have helped me in executing responsibilities of the finance department up to the mark.

I am thorough with the latest accounting principles, running reports, verifying and analyzing financial data, and offer assistance in the preparation of payroll. I can greet and receive clients, take and pass on their messages to respective department, do filing, schedule appointments, and perform my duties without any supervision.

Because of my abilities in handling all clerical and administrative duties of the finance department, I see myself as the perfect candidate for the finance assistant position. I would appreciate if I am called for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.


Brian L. Ford

Enclosure: Resume

With these two samples of cover letter, it should be any difficult for you to write your own whether you have or don't have any experience.

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