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It can be argued that Looking for Alibrandi is very much a novel about change. After all, at its end Josie Alibrandi consents to becoming Josie Andretti. But there are many other things that change in her life. She loses a friend, John Barton, in tragic circumstances, but she also discovers her father. Mysteries about the actual identity of her mother's father are solved, and she develops a greater understanding and love for her grandmother. She constantly interacts with her Italian heritage both within herself and with others and comes to a deeper understanding of it. Her arch-enemy, Poison Ivy, becomes simply Ivy, but her relationship with Jacob ends. At the end of it all Josie feels stronger and more optimistic as a result of the changes.

Some of these changes seem to be serendipitous, that is, changes that occur simply through chance, but this is what life is often about. For example, being spotted truanting on the evening TV news by Sister Louise might seem to be sheer bad luck. Yet the painful interview with her teacher reveals to Josie that she is a popular student at St Catherine's: popular enough to be voted school captain. Her perception of herself as an outsider because of her cultural and family background is simply not correct.

Again at the beginning of the novel Josie thinks that her relationship with her grandmother will never improve. The cultural and generation gaps seem too vast. Josie thinks her grandmother is an intolerant busybody who should have greater respect for her daughter and granddaughter's feelings. She both loves and dislikes her grandmother. However, a complete break occurs between them when Josie discovers her grandmother's affair with Marcus Sandford, in the distant past, and the back- ground to her mother's birth. However, this anger changes to love as Josie comes to understand the harsh life which her Nonna has had to endure.

The change that occurs with John Barton is both surprising and shocking. John is an excellent student, a good sportsman and debater, a school captain, a cultured student from a wealthy background. However, parental pressure on him is just too strong. John is depressed; he gets no pleasure out of life or in his achievements. He sees freedom coming from suicide. This is a change which Josie Alibrandi finds very difficult to cope with.

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Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta Essay

1055 Words5 Pages

Josie Alibrandi goes “looking” for herself she discovers she needs to create herself.

In the novel “looking for Alibrandi, written by Melina Marchetta,” there are many different situations and feelings that Josephine Alibrandi goes through, in order to figure out who she really is as a person. Josie also has to deal with the normal up and down roller coaster ride of being a teenage girl. At the end of her journey she has very different views on certain topics to the original thoughts that she had at the beginning. Josephine has to cope with different aspects of peer pressure, religion, sexuality, illegitimacy but also family relationships and secrets and death. She finds out a lot more about herself and her family and friends than she…show more content…

It was a great feeling.”
This quote from the book helps us to understand that Josie realized she had a lot in common with him, they got along really well and she liked having him around not only as a father figure but as well as a friend.

“You were married. You slept with Marcus Sandford while you were a married woman.”
This is a quote from Josie when she and her nonna Katia become really close. Josephine starts to understand that Katia knows how she feels more than she thought. She also notices Katia was once a young girl in the world, with problems very similar to the ones Josie is going through. Josephine discovers that Katia had an affair with Marcus Standford, which has been hidden away from the rest of the family for years. Everything Josie originally thought her background was, plain and simple, she now knows that it wasn’t the case, all black and white. This incident helped Josephine to grow and not take for granted the family she has that loves and cares about her.

Peer pressure is another aspect of life we see that makes Josie a stronger person. It helps her stand up for herself and do what she feels is right not what other people want of her. “But then when his hands went up my uniform and I felt them between my thighs and I looked up to see a poster of a motor bike that said ‘Get something between your legs’ on it, I realized that I could be losing my virginity in Jacob’s bedroom with his father in the other room, completely without thinking. “

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