Assignment Paris 1952 Plot Diagram

Actor :      Dana Andrews, Donald Randolph, George Sanders, Marta Toren, Audrey Totter
Director:   Robert Parrish
Genre:       Drama
Year:         1952
Studio:      SPHE
Length:     70
Released: March 4, 2011
 Not Rated (MPAA Rating)
Misc:         NTSC
Subtitles : N/A


New York Herald Tribune reporter Jimmy Race (Dana Andrews, The Best Years of Our Lives, Laura) is sent to Budapest by his editor, Nick Strang (George Sanders, All About Eve, Rebecca), to help colleague Jeanne Moray (Marta Toren, Sirocco) investigate a rumored plot to overthrow Hungary's Communist dictatorship. After coming into possession of some microfilm that threatens to incriminate backers of the plot inside the government, Jimmy is arrested and jailed. Tortured, Jimmy is forced into confessing to being a spy, and Jeanne and Strang must put their faith in a man wanted by the Communist authorities in order to help gain his freedom. This tense political suspense was directed by Robert Parrish (Fire Down Below, Duffy) from a screenplay by noted film noir scripter William Bowers (Cry Danger, Pitfall), and co-stars Audrey Totter (Lady in the Lake, Women's Prison). Newly remastered.

Release Date: 1952

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 25 min

Plot Summary
Cocky investigative reporter Jimmy Race (Dana Andrews) and his idealistic rival, Jeanne Moray (Märta Torén), tangle over international espionage and Cold War tensions in Communist Hungary. While following an explosive story about an accused American spy, Jimmy inadvertently brings the unwanted attention of Hungarian agent Anton Borvitch (Donald Randolph) to Jeanne's ongoing investigation of possible collusion between Hungarian and Yugoslavian politicians, endangering both reporters' lives.

Cast: Dana Andrews, Märta Torén, George Sanders, Donald Randolph

Director: Robert Parrish

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Escape, 1950s, Tense, Pursuit, Engaging

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