Compare Different Culture Essay

Comparison Of The American And Chinese Cultures

Comparison of the American and Chinese Cultures

Cultural differences are apparent from one group of people to another. Culture is based on many things that are passed on from one generation to the next. Most of the time people take for granted their language, beliefs, and values. When it comes the cultural differences of people there is no right or wrong. People should be aware of others culture and respect the differences that are between them. The United States and China are two very large countries that have cultures that are well known through out the world. There are many differences between the United States and China, but there are many contributing factors that shape the cultures of these two countries.

Language is universal, but there are different meanings and sounds, which vary from one culture to another. In China citizens speak many languages, but about 94% speak the Chinese language. The difference in dialects was overcome by the written word and eventually a version of Mandrin became the “official speech” (The Cambridge Illustrated History of China, 1996,p.304). In America there are many ethnic groups with many varieties of language. The U.S. was created through many people from different countries migrating to the new states. In the U.S. there is an “official speech” which is the English language. The language of both these countries are not only different in meaning and sound, but also reflect the way in which the people in these societies live, believe, and function.

Religion usually plays a big part in the cultures of the world and is the basis for their beliefs and values. In many countries religion is very important, so important that some cultures use it in every aspect of their lives. China like some other countries is a multi-religious country. Islam, Taoism, Buddhism are the three main religions of China (National Day Special, 1999). Buddhism is the worshiping of the “enlightened one” and teaches to overcome one’s desires is to overcome pain. Islam teachings are written in a book called the Koran and was founded by Muhammad. He claimed to have a vision from God. There are two different types of Islam that are practiced: one believes the religious leader is inspired to interpret the Koran and the other believes that Modernism threatens religion (Chinatown-online- Chinese beliefs). In the United States there are hundreds of denominations and sects of religion. About 69 % of Americans belong to a church or synagogue. In the U.S. people are usually drawn to a certain religion because of social class, race and age. The most obvious classification of religion in the U.S. is race (Sociology A Down-to-Earth Approach, 1999, pg. 511). African Americas and the White population tend to separate themselves into their own churches. With so many congregations and denominations throughout the U.S. there is no dominate religion. Over the years moderilization in the U.S. has put less importance on religion. The Chinese...

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Brazil Vs USA Culture

Traveling to different parts of the world exposes you to different cultures. An individual traveling from America to Brazil will find it interesting and sometimes confusing to live and interact with the natives because of the cultural differences. Nonetheless, it would not take a long time before they realize that there is so much to appreciate and learn from Brazil. Indeed, though Brazilian culture is different from that of the Americans, it is exciting to learn from it.

Different Ways of Communication and More Respect for Seniors

Beginning from communication, you are likely to enjoy talking to a Brazilian than to an American. Brazilian people may not be in a hurry during conversations and are very friendly. They are likely to use an ambiguous form of communication in order to appeal to the emotions of the audience. On the other hand, the Americans have many tasks to accomplish in a day, which means that they have little or not time to converse. They will prefer using precise language when describing facts.

Respect is accorded to the elderly in Brazil. The superiors in the society are also ranked and respected. The children are supposed to obey their seniors. Students have to respect their teachers and involve them in learning. The most successful and respected people dress differently, which means that it is not difficult to identify them. On the other hand, the American culture is such that people have to earn their respect. The children are encouraged to remain independent and explore the world. Students’ initiatives are regarded in the culture. Further, dress code is not used to indicate how successful an individual is in the society.

Ways of Accomplishing Tasks at the Work Place

At the work place, social harmony is ranked in Brazil. Efforts that boost cooperation among workers are encouraged. You are also likely to find more employers being concerned about the welfare of the workers. In American culture, workers are encouraged to be assertive and productive. Achieving goals is more important for individual workers because good rewards are offered in the end. Cooperation is only encouraged if the worker is able to achieve the expected results.

Additionally, Brazilians find it easy to do business with individuals. They trust people more and hence can engage them in business. Americans, on the other hand, prefer doing business with companies. Their focus is on accomplishing tasks and may therefore find individuals hard to work with. They will have more material possession than the Brazilians because of their strategic planning in business. Indeed, the Brazilian culture is interesting and different from the American culture.

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